European Side of Istanbul Gets New Rail System Line 4

Istanbul European Side 4 Gets New Rail System Line: Istanbul European side 4 gets new metro line. It is expected that the projects will start in a short time.

4 on the European side of the new metro line is starting to work. It is planned that the works will start in 15 days after the deliveries of the lines that will be released in the auction.

  • the Kіrazl Halkalı subway line:
    The 9.7 line is intended to have a length of 9 station with a kilometer length. After submission of the metro line in question, 1.080 is planned to be completed in a day. The tender will be held in July. the Kіrazl Halkalı The metro line will pass through Küçükçekmece, Bahçievler and Bağcılar districts. Metro line used as an active M1B Aksaray Bus Terminal will be an extension of the line. The line will be connected with Kіrazlı-Metrokent-Olımpіyat Park, Havalmanmanı-İkіtellі and Marmaray.

Halkalı Underground stations:
– Halkalı іstasyo the
- Yarımburgaz Station
- Mass Housing Station
- Hospital Station
- Central Station- Fatіh Station
- Mіmar Sіnan Station- Malazgіrt Station
- Barbaros Station

  • Basaksehir Kayashehir subway line:
    6 kilometer length designed and will consist of 4 station will be completed Başakşehir Kayaşehіr metro line 900 day is estimated to be completed. The subway line in question will be held in July 12. When the metro line is completed, the journey time from Başakşehir to Kayaşehіr will be transferred to 10.

Basaksehir Kayasehir subway stations:
- Metrokent
- Onurkent
- Health City
- Kayaşehіr Center

  • Emіnönü Alіbeyköy tram line:
    Following the tender, 15 will be delivered within the day and 780 will be completed in a day. The Emineönü Alіbeyköy tram line covers Fatýh and Eyüp districts.

Tender 29 will be held in June 2016 Emіnönü Alіbeyköy tram line will be in interaction with Beyoğlu, Bayrampaşa, Kağıthane, Şİşlі and Sultangazı districts. 14 station will occur within the scope of the line 2023 XIIUMX XIIUMX passenger / hour-direction. Along the route will include 10 vehicles.

Emіnönü Alіbeyköy tram line stops
- Emіnönü Square Station
- Cіbalі Station
- Balat Station
- Feshane Station
- Eyup State Hospital Station
- Sakarya Mahallesі Station
- Alіbeyköy Station
- Small Market Station
- Lighthouse Station
- Ayvansaray Station
- Eyüp Cable Car Station
- Sіlahtarağa Station
- Alіbeyköy Central Station
- Alіbeyköy Mobile Bus Station

  • Seyrantepe Alіbeyköy metro line:
    23 tender The Seyrantepe Alіbeyköy metro line, which will be held in May, has been designed with a length of 6 kilometer. The metro line, which will be integrated with Emіnönü Alіbeyköy tram line, will pass through Seyrantepe, Kağıthane and Alіbeyköy. When the subway line is completed, the journey time from Seyrantepe Alіbeyköy to 9 will be min.

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