Ipekyolu Railroad Project will make Samsun City World

📩 09/12/2018 18:00

İpekyolu Railway Project Will Make Samsun a World City: CHP Trabzon Deputy Haluk Pekşen says that Samsun will be one of the most influential cities in the world with the implementation of the İpekyolu Railway Project, which the Chinese state is ready for financial support.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Trabzon Deputy Haluk Pekşen stated that if the Silk Road Railway Project, which the Chinese stated that they are ready to give great support in financing, would be realized, Samsun would reach 10 million population after 5 years and the most influential cities in the world in the 21st Century. he predicts his coming. Since 2014, Chinese newspapers in the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Urumqi 'starting den, Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan railway project extending to Germany-Turkmenistan-Iran-Turkey line is brought out of the agenda.


Pekşen bases his gospel on the following information: “There are countries that are just beginning to become new actors in the world economy. These emerged especially with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the transition of China to the capitalist economy. Azerbaijan is one of them. Unfortunately, the integration of Azerbaijan with the world economy continues unfortunately due to logistics problems. For example, although it has important oil resources in the world, it is a country that has no say in the petrochemical industry. The same is true for Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. On the other hand, although Azerbaijan is a country with very serious copper mines, it has no effect on the world copper market. Because if you are going to buy copper from Azerbaijan, you have to load it into TIR and bring it to Samsun or Trabzon Port. The cost of this is as much as copper itself. However, if you take Azerbaijan copper to Samsun port by train, you will reach the world. For example, you can deliver this product to Scandinavian countries via Viking. Or you can reach Novorossisk by ships. Germany sells Mercedes spare parts to Azerbaijan. TIR goes from Germany to Baku for 6 thousand Euros. When the ships that will descend to the Black Sea via the Rhine and Danube Rivers transfer their container to the train in Samsun, this load can reach 800 dollars in Baku. This is a transport that is made at a price of almost 10. For this reason, if the products to be sold by Samsun Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to the world have a logistics center and port, the world economy will change. It is obvious that this will make Samsun a center of attraction as well as the dynamism it will make to the world economy. ”

According to Pekşen, the Chinese are aware of the dynamism they have expressed and are planning to realize the İpekyolu Railway Project, which can change the commercial destiny of “our country and the Black Sea Region” and “Europe and Asia”.


Stating that his project, which he prepared in 1996 and presented to Tansu Çiller, was transformed into the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC), Pekşen explains: “I was very happy and surprised that the Chinese first put this project on the table. If it passes this project to life not only the Black Sea Region, which changed Turkey's destiny. Lowering of the products produced in China by rail to the port of Trabzon and Samsun and also to be shipped to Europe by sea from these ports will change the fate of the whole of Turkey. The world is talking about this project. The Chinese are trying to connect to Kazakhstan by rail line. The next request of the railway with Turkey to reach the port of Trabzon and Samsun integration. In this way, they will be able to reach both Russia and Europe via the Viking road. There is no other project that will reshape the economy of many countries in the world that can have such an impact. If there is a railway connection between China and Azerbaijan and Samsun, it is a move that will redefine the world actors if it continues with a sea connection that will reach Europe by following the Danube and Rhine rivers over Samsun port. Reshapes the balances of the world. Can you imagine the economy mentioned for Singapore and Hong Kong shifting to Samsun today? Oil pipelines do not meet the size of this project. Because there is no petrochemical industry in Azerbaijan. This industry will develop thanks to ease of transportation. Making oil pipelines from Azerbaijan to Azerbaijan is not as realistic and cost-effective as this project. ”


Noting that the administrators, politicians and economic actors of Samsun are unaware of all these developments, Pekşen: “With this project, it is very important that the ports of Trabzon and Samsun are in world trade and in the past Silk Road chain. They expressed that they are ready to provide all kinds of support to China's Silk Road Railway Project, both on financing and project basis. The Chinese Shangai within 5 years of the plan to connect to Turkey. Considering all these developments, the logistic village planned to be built in Samsun is known to be inadequate in the future and its capacity should be at least 5 million square meters. Because Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan will definitely want to take place in the logistics village in Samsun. Samsun should plan this well. The Chinese have already started working on the project's transit routes. In the investment planning as they followed, they want this project to open negotiations with Turkey as soon as possible and said they wanted to start the project as soon as possible. "

“I will put our ministers ahead“

MP of Trabzon, Pekşen, states that he has done my part as the Black Sea and that he will put the issue in front of the government, especially the ministers from Trabzon and the Black Sea, in their most concrete dimension: “I hope they will provide the same support. We get a great excitement together. We also discussed the hazelnut and chocolate industry in China. They are also very excited about this. Shortly, a major investment group from China to Turkey and will welcome in Trabzon. "

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