Horse transported İZBAN lift broken

The İZBAN elevator that was carried by the horse broke down: The doors of the overpass, which was built by TCDD about 1 year ago, on the İZBAN line in Konak Yenidoğan District, were also dismantled. Citizens, who say that the elevator door, which is allegedly broken after the horse was moved, became dangerous for children and elderly citizens when the door was removed, calls TCDD to take over the problems in the overpass

As a result of connecting the İZBAN line with the metro, underpasses and overpasses were built on the line in many regions of İzmir. One of the overpasses was built to provide the passage between Yenidogan Neighborhood, Zeytinlik District and Küçükada District. An overpass elevator, which was built for about 1 million liras, was also built. The elevator, which was built especially for the use of patients, the elderly and children, broke down approximately 1 month after it was opened and was not built again, since the Family Health Center in the Yenidogan District also serves other neighborhoods in the region. Citizens, who said that the elevator was broken due to the motorcycle, various tools, as well as horses, said that the elevator was not repaired again. After the elevator, there were problems in the lighting system of the overpass and it was still not corrected. Neighborhood headman Tekin Düz expressed that he had promised TCDD officials to fix the problems as soon as possible.

Few people have affected 3 neighborhood

Stating that the elevator has been closed for a long time, the residents of the neighborhood stated that the removal of the elevator door poses a danger to children. Stating that the elevator broke down after the horse was moved, the neighborhood residents said that later on, problems began in lighting and eventually the door was broken. Stating that the elevator is very beneficial for the sick, elderly and families with young children, citizen Ramazan Ç said, 'However, I do not find it right to punish a whole neighborhood for the mistake made by a few people. After this place was built, I did not see anyone come and do maintenance or inspection. We also know that what was done was wrong. However, a solution can be found for this as well. Does it make sense to shut down the elevator completely because it is broken? We heard that they will now put a camera in it. I believe this will fix the problems. Whoever does such nonsense should take action against "damaging public property". These services are ultimately made with our tax and if we cannot claim it, it still hurts us. After that, nobody's horse, bike, motorcycle or etc. I don't think it can move things or allow it. Because the elevator was important 'he said.

The horse moved in the elevator

Saying that the elevator and lighting problem has been continuing for a long time, Yenidogan Mahallesi Muhtarı Tekin Düz said, 'I have been trying to reach the authorities in TCDD to make this place for a long time. I talked to them and promised that the problem would be resolved in the coming days. This overpass was built with an elevator since it is a Family Health Center. Because the family health center, together with the Zeytinlik and Küçükada neighborhoods, produces solutions to the health needs of approximately 10 thousand people. Problems started after the elevator was built. At first, motorcycles and various equipment were transported. In the end, the horse broke down because it was carried and it was never done again. The door of the elevator was removed by someone 1 week ago. Since it is midnight, we do not know who did it. We have always warned that the elevator is the property of everyone and the use of the flat. However, we couldn't listen and the elevator broke down. Now other losses have been opened. I reached TCDD officials to find a solution on these and I took my word for the solution of the problem 'he said.

Camera to be placed

Düz, stating that the elevator is not made for the transportation of horses, motorcycles or other things, but people do not listen to it, 'We have always warned about this, but we could not listen. However, the problem will be resolved in a different way. TCDD officials will place cameras inside elevators to prevent such problems and to prevent damage to public property. The placed camera will also reveal who broke the elevator. This will ensure that action is taken against the person who spoiled it for damaging public property. Of course, this horse, engine, etc. It is done to prevent things such as moving and to identify those who damage the elevator. Hope it works and used for a long time. Because climbing stairs becomes a problem for the sick, the elderly, the disabled or families with children. However, the elevator solved these problems. Since the elevator is the property of the public, everyone should own it and we will do our best for it. '

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