High-speed train summit

High speed train summit: AK PARTY deputy and Transport Commission Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı presented President Erdoğan with a comprehensive file on Erzurum last week in Beştepe, where he went out with his commission members. The file, whose main skeleton is composed of the high speed train project, addressed the transportation problems of Eastern Anatolia in general and Erzurum in general, and explained the need to speed up the high speed train project, including Baku and Tbilisi. This initiative of the deputy Ilıcalı was seen as an appropriate step by President Erdoğan and the file was reported to be examined.




    1. In addition, implementing a high-speed railway project from Kars to Kağızman and Iğdır from here to Nakhichevan will create a separate opening point for the country. In this way, Tabriz, which is the important center of the region, will be connected to Anatolia. The railway to be built from Diyarbakır to Mardin will also give the keys to Bİze Mosul and Kirkuk. If we count the already existing Gaziantep Aleppo railway. When the stones in the region are in place, the eastern and southern parts of the National Pact will be realized. The fast railways to be built from Edirne to Thessaloniki and Kardzhali will also make the western leg of the Misak-ı Milli real. What remains is its northern leg, which is possible by cornering Russia by acting together with Ukraine, the USA and Europe, in which case the Crimean Tatar republic will become independent and be included in the European and NATO system. Dreams and goals are huge, but none of them are impossible. Make a very good strategic plan to draw the big enough picture. Because the world civilization will be taken care of by 7 countries in the future. Of these, 5-in-place is guaranteed. (USA, Brazil, Britain, Australia and South Africa) since one of the other two either Turkey or Russia, the other is Japan, S. Korea or China will be one of the well. Russia's activities in Syria are also within this scope. Railways will undoubtedly be the key to being one of the 2 countries.