Great convenience for students from MOTAŞ

Great convenience for students from MOTAŞ: Now students will be able to make transactions on the system without submitting documents

Targeting customer satisfaction at the maximum level, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ continues to innovate in accordance with its electronic infrastructure.

MOTAŞ signed a new protocol with Inonu University.

After the protocol signed with Malatya İnönü University Student Affairs Office, MOTAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı stated that with the help of developing technology, all areas of life have come to ease. Iyor Nowadays, everything is easily accessible. In this sense, as a result of the studies we initiated in order to minimize the bureaucratic procedures and to reduce the wastage of stationery, we removed the documents and passport photographs requested in our card applications to our students. Student documents requested in Malatya Card applications create a serious stationery costs for the university and it is a heavy responsibility for our institution to keep these documents. In order to eliminate these situations, we signed a protocol with Inonu University Student Affairs Office to share student information on the web. With this protocol, students will be able to complete their transactions by checking on the system without submitting documents during the card application and visa procedures. At the same time, the new record will be provided for the students before the opening of school cards will be provided for the preparation of transportation cards.

Tamgacı reminding that the Card Center has been moved to its new location before; Danışma In order to provide better service to our citizens, we moved our Card Consultation Center into İnönü Covered Bazaar. Since our ğı Card Advisory Center alan is on the street next to the Governor's Office, the citizens waiting to take action were not protected in cold and hot weather and there was no physical environment to create such an area. We were serving at a point where the city's pedestrian density was the highest. Consequently, there were various problems and grievances of our valued passengers. In order to eliminate these problems and grievances, we have moved our service point to a more spacious and closed area that is suitable for seasonal conditions, and accessible to the east gate entrance in the Grand Bazaar. We chose to be a place where disabled customers can reach easily when choosing this point.

In our new application, we do not request passport photographs. The photos of the applicants for the card are taken at the card center during the application and printed on the cards.

Our aim as MOTAŞ is to save our schools from the load of stationery by providing all transactions for students and teachers through web services during 2016-2017 education period. Thus, transactions will be made faster and in a timely manner, thus wasting time and paper will be prevented Böylece.

Tamgacı stated that the arrangements to ensure customer satisfaction will continue and they also gave the good news that they will not want 'learning certificate' from the students under the age of 17 in their card applications. In addition, as a result of the correspondence with the National Education Directorate, the protocol with the University will be made similar and the same system will apply to the National Education community also underlined.

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