Giant projects increase real estate prices

📩 26/02/2019 18:13

Giant projects increased real estate prices: Gulf Crossing Project and Çanakkale Strait Bridge Crossing Project flew real estate prices in Çanakkale and Yalova.

The highest increase in housing prices was in Yalova and Çanakkale. According to experts, the Gulf Transition Project and the Çanakkale Strait Bridge Crossing Project have increased real estate prices close to these provinces.

According to the latest surveys, Yalova was the first city in the province with the highest rate of sales in the year.

Contemporary TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Manager Coskun, as the value per square meter and Istanbul despite the fact that at the top of Turkey's average housing prices increased the most in a short time in Yalova province as pointed out he stressed.

Connecting this increase in Yalova to the Gulf Crossing Project, Çağdaş Coşkun explained, “For Yalova, this is not only the last months, but the Gulf Crossing is the result of an upward trend since the second quarter of 2015.

According to the surveys, the highest increase in the prices of rent, the army with the percentage of 29 and 27 XNUMX with the Çanakkale was. Real Estate Appraisal Expert Çağdaş Coşkun stated that short-term transportation in these provinces increased rents.


Coşkun emphasized that both the proximity to Istanbul and the Çanakkale Strait Bridge Crossing Project were effective in the fact that housing prices are the second highest rising city in Çanakkale.

Coşkun stated that Antalya, the third city with the highest price increase, was expensive due to its attraction and the increase in the number of new projects in the city.

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