Support from Young Müsiad for Pink Wagon Project Special for Women

Support for the Pink Wagon Project for Young Women from the Young Musiad: Support from the MUSIAD Youth Board came to the Pink Wagon application planned to be implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Support from the female members of MUSIAD Youth Board came to the Pink Wagon application, which is planned to be implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Vice President of Genç MÜSİAD Member Admissions Unit, Mehtap Coşkun, affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Transportation Inc. We declared that we support the application of 'wagon special for women in subways and trams' as MÜSİAD Youth Board, and hope that it will come to life as soon as possible.

In a statement he made at a press conference held at MÜSİAD Headquarters, Mehtap Coşkun said that the 'wagon for women' application, which examples are found in countries such as Germany, Japan and Singapore, should be implemented in Istanbul, which is one of the largest metropolises in the world.

Coskun continued

Public transportation vehicles, which serve hundreds of thousands of people every day in Istanbul, bring problems that carry passengers far above their normal capacity. The ladies are not able to use public transportation easily in the morning, when they go to work and return from work in the evening, they find it difficult to find a place for themselves, and they are faced with unethical and inhuman situations. For all these reasons, we, as MÜSİAD Youth Board Lady Members, do not remain silent and support the practice of 'private wagon for women in public transport'.

It is clear that the problems experienced in public transport are not only a certain part of the society. The problem has become a problem that is voiced by all people regardless of whether they are male or female, young or old.

Previously, the public resonated, but discrimination against the service, etc. We believe that the criticism against the pink bus projects that cannot be passed on the grounds will be eliminated with the 'Pink Wagon' project. Because, in this project, some of the public transportation vehicles are allocated to the ladies instead. The transport service is intended to be offered in mixed but separate wagons. Therefore, it will not be a case for women to travel on buses without pink wagons.

It is important for the implementation to be implemented in order to solve the problems arising from the public transportation vehicles which are the subjects that every section of human sensitivity is complaining about.

With this declaration, Istanbul Ulasim AS is affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. by MÜSİAD Youth Board as members of the MÜSİAD Youth Board, we hope that it will be implemented as soon as possible.

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