Free Bike Parks in the Metro

Free Bicycle Parks in Metro: İSPARK extends free bicycle parks in convenient living areas and metro stations.

İSPARK, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is expanding free bicycle parks in convenient living areas and subway stations, especially in open city parks.

According to İSPARK statement, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality encourages Istanbul residents to have a healthy life instead of riding a car in short distances.

İSPARK creates 'Bicycle Parking' areas in its parking lots throughout the city in order to encourage the use of bicycles in urban transportation, which are ecological, economical, psychological and suitable for natural life.

16 in the 148 point at the 982 bike capacity free bike parks, was offered to the citizens. In order to increase this number to the world standards, work continues in different centers.

Especially in subway stations, free parking spaces are provided to the drivers who leave their bikes, while the citizens who come to the metro with their bikes from their homes can leave their bikes to the route they want. On the way back, he goes on his bicycle again and does both traffic and sports.

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