French railways call for cooperation with Turkish agencies

French rail company calls for cooperation with Turkish agents:, a company affiliated with French Railways (SNCF), which distributes the vast majority of French and European railroads, wants to develop cooperation with Turkish agencies that are outgoing.


Travel agencies and tour operators Voyages-Scnf, which provides service through the B2B portal, simplifies the works with its easy-to-use website and ensures that agencies and tour operators receive commissions on sales.

In Europe, which has a highly developed infrastructure in terms of rail transportation, it is easily accessible by train from one city center to another. Given the high costs and check-in and baggage requirements at the airports, rail transport promises both a comfortable and effortless trip.

It is possible to reserve a large part of the railway lines in Europe via


• TGV: High speed trains that connect more than 300 destinations in France with short travel times. It leaves directly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and provides transportation to 60 cities of France without having to transit through Paris.

• Trains within France: A network that connects France from one end to another and reaches the widest and most remote places.

• Thalys: High-speed trains that connect Paris to Brussels in 2 hour and 1 minutes and also reach Amsterdam and Colonia (Brussels-Amsterdam 22 hour 1 minutes, Brussels-Colonia 53 hour 1 minutes). There is even WiFi service on the train.

Eurostar: Paris to London in 2 hours 15 minutes; High speed trains connecting Brussels to London in 2 hours and 01 minutes.

• Renfe: All of the Spanish rail network, including AVE (high-speed) trains.

• TGV Lyria: daily high-speed flights between Switzerland and France.

• TGV Italy-France: three TGVs connect Milan, Turin and the cities in between to Chambéry, Lione and Paris every day.

• TGV France-Spain: Daily flights between Paris and Barcelona.

• ALLEGRO and SAPSAN: High speed trains connecting Helsinki to Sen Petersburg (3 hours 30 minutes) and Moscow and Sen Petersburg (3 hours 45 minutes), respectively.

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