First Monorail to be Made in Ankara

📩 09/12/2018 17:35

The first monorail to be done to Ankara: Public transportation, transportation systems, clean drinking water and waste management in the enforcement of the first in Turkey Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, many more areas in strengthening the technology infrastructure, 2019. "Smart Ankara" aims to complete the system.

Speaking on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality, Özgür Güven, Head of the Department of Rural Services and Geothermal Resources, gave information about the innovative solutions of the Metropolitan Municipality at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) meeting held at the Congresium due to the Innovation Week. Noting that the municipal buses stop by 1 thousand times to 7 thousand stops every day in Başkent in order to bring close to 700 million people to every point of the city, Güven stated that first of all, the application "EGO in Mobile" developed by EGO for this purpose is also an innovative solution. Güven said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we invested in the Smart Card system. Our students use Ankarakart; In this way, we developed the electronic ticket system. Then we invested in the smart stop system. Now, we know how many people travel by which bus every hour of the day, how many times we are full, how many times we are empty, ”he said.

Stating that the EGO team prepared the “EGO on Mobile” application, Güven said, “1 million 39 thousand 135 users and an average of 610 thousand people daily use the application on EGO Mobile. With EGO Mobile, our citizens can instantly learn where, when, and what time the bus will arrive, via mobile phone and SMS applications, ”he said.

Noting that the systems such as loop detectors and RTMS detectors are used by the Metropolitan Municipality in daily life without realizing it, Özgür Güven said that bluetooth sensors are also installed in various parts of Ankara and transportation is monitored.

Güven provided the following information about the other work done or to be done regarding the "Smart City" system:

“Smart parking system is coming: We will automatically detect empty spaces in car parks with smart detectors that we will install in every corner of Ankara. Our citizens will also be able to see this through the mobile system and find out which street or street the nearest parking garages are. Anyone will be able to pay for the parking lot with the NFC system, via mobile phones or smart cards.

Intelligent systems for security management: Our security forces use the KGYS and MOBESE systems, which we have placed in different parts of Ankara, for traffic order and security purposes. This year, we are conducting the tender of TEDES (Traffic Electronic Control System). This system will also complement public security.

Solid Waste Management: Ankara's provincial districts have to store the garbage in their districts under wild storage conditions. We are establishing transfer stations to these districts. Our aim is to bring the garbage here to our center in Ankara. We install detectors in garbage trucks and containers.

Intelligent Lighting: With the new technology led lighting systems, sensors and listening are not needed in places - security is always in the foreground - to turn off the lights, sometimes we are working on closing the energy and reduce carbon emissions to a lesser, we can use your resources more efficiently.

The first monorail to be done to Ankara: cable car public transport system is only working in Ankara in Turkey. We are currently working on monorail. This is a completely locally produced monorail system. Hopefully in the coming years we will see perhaps the first monorail transit system in Turkey in Ankara.

Meteorology Stations in the provinces: We established meteorology stations in all districts of Ankara through a tender. We want to learn micro-scale climate evaluations in those regions and use these meteorological data in agricultural aid, greenhouse investments, frost warnings, and agricultural product selection. In cities, we will introduce our early warning system with the data of meteorological stations and preventive combat in ice and snow to the residents of Ankara. "


Noting that the main factor in innovation for the public should be service-oriented solutions that will meet the needs of citizens, Güven said, “As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we are always innovative solution buyers. We are a public institution trying to be an innovator ”and called on young students to produce projects for solutions.


  1. Considering that the monorail will provide the most added value when it is built in Ankara or when it is considered with the build-operate-transfer system, the route with the highest number of applicants is Konutkent - Yaşamkent - Alacaatlı - Turkkonut route from Koru metro. There is a lot of settlement here. and there is no geographic obstacle to overcome

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