Economy and Logistics Summit 2016 Held

The Economy and Logistics Summit, which was organized to discuss all modes of transportation, to review international logistics projects in our geography, and to reveal the expectations of real sectors such as textile, automotive, energy and food from the world of logistics, was held at the Hilton Bomonti Hotel in Istanbul.

Economy and Logistics Summit organized by UTA Logistics Magazine was realized with the support of Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Customs and Trade and sector associations.

The summit takes place among the organizations supporting DTD "in Turkey's Railway Strategy Current Situation, Problems and Solutions" session on the DTD board members is've participated as a speaker Erengul.
This session;

  • Turkey's Railway Freight Transport Infrastructure
  • Agenda Investments and International Projects
  • Where in Turkey's modern Silk Road?
  • What are the Steps for Liberalization in the Railway?
  • Current Situation in Logistics Center Investments
  • Public and Private Sector Expectations
    Topics discussed.

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