Rail Wheel Factory Turned On 2017

📩 09/12/2018 17:39

Rail Wheel Factory circuit at 2017: Turkey's first heavy iron and steel industry, and the only rail manufacturer Karabük Iron and Steel Works (Kardemir) Inc., car tires that make the production of the steel wires of the coil and rod began mass production in Haddehanesi .

passing KARDEMİR year 700 thousand tonnes received in the investment program by which and 22 series production in trial production began Coil and bar rolling mill in April, Turkey's ongoing construction to produce imported by rail wheel of externally Wheel Factory will start first production in 2017 .

KARDEMİR Inc. General Manager Ugur Yilmaz, saying only that they commissioned last month, one of Turkey is not Europe's best-coil mill, "We started the first trial production. Nowadays we start mass production and started selling. This rolling mill is a very equipped and high-tech rolling mill. They will have important contributions to KARDEMİR in terms of producing value-added products. Until now, while producing billets, blooms, construction steels and, most importantly, rails and heavy profiles, coils will be added to our product range in the form of various products. We have a coil line of 5,5 - 25 mm and 25 - 50 mm thick. We can produce ribbed steel whenever we want. More importantly, we will produce quality rounds and transmission steels. Therefore, the rolling mill is an annual 4-ton rolling mill that can produce very different products with 700 different outputs. In our country, car tire wire is produced, but the intermediate product cannot be produced with laiki. We will be producing these in our rolling mill including rubber wire. ”

Turkey's external imported by railway wheels in the KARDEMİR to be passed to domestic production, also he told he planned to be commissioned in the year 2017 the work of one factory ride at full speed Yilmaz, "This factory completely with a very high-tech, it will be almost robotic facility. All the jobs are done by robots and have a very high capacity forging technology. Unable railway wheel production in Turkey. Now how KARDEMİR providing rail and close to the market needs in Turkey, our neighbor to the needs of our country and even one first enters the mill circuit will make the issuance of train wheels to Europe. 200 will produce one thousand trains a year. Our goal is to complete and commission this facility until 2017 Hedef.

He said KARDEMİR exceeded 2 million tons of liquid steel production last year and that they aim to realize a production above this year.
Iz We are willing to be a more competitive and winning company in the market by making these products as well as capacity as well as reviewing all processes and, more importantly, by reducing our costs. In this direction, we review all processes from A to Z, ie from raw materials to final products, through the process improvement we will make during the past year and this year. As a company that takes care of the balanced happiness of corporate and stakeholders every day, we continue our structure and activities. We felt China's impact on the whole world and in Turkey late last year. We had a bit of trouble in this matter, but in the days we see a little more improvement. If this year's targets are to be evaluated financially, we would like to see the pace in the 15-17 range. These may change depending on the developments in the markets in the following quarters. Fortunately, we are preparing ourselves for much better days in terms of both investment and process improvements and good team understanding. Çok

Yilmaz, 170 thousand tons of last year to record a record by reaching the record, also said, bin The other day was announced to the public. We are expecting that our neighbor Iran will contribute to our production after the formalities of the rail sales agreement is concluded. I think the next days will be much better. We're on the same boat. The world economy is on the same ship. We prepare ourselves every day to be more difficult if we have a hard time. This year will be better than last year, Bu he said.
KARDEMIR General Manager Ugur Yilmaz, the foundation of the port of Filyos KARDEMIR easy to keep anyone can not keep and KARDEMIR will fly together with Karabük, he added.

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