Railway and metro 3. It may not reach the airport

📩 09/12/2018 17:39

Railway and metro 3. The airport may not catch up: Limak Holding Chairman of the Board and 3. IGA Executive Board member Nihat Özdemir, who will operate the airport, made an important warning.

Speaking at Forum Istanbul 2016, Nihat Özdemir said that despite the rapid construction of the 3rd Airport, highway, metro and railway tenders that will provide public transportation were not made. Pointing out that this situation will cause serious problems, Özdemir said, “Although we said road, railway, metro 2 years ago to carry the passenger here, we could not even succeed in making their auctions. If we do not do these, our ports will become investments that will cause trouble for Istanbul when all our airports are opened. ”


Stating that Istanbul has become a very important transit center, Özdemir pointed out that the 60 of the number of Ataturk Airport passengers is transit passengers. Stating that the airport will be opened in the first quarter of 2018, Özdemir said:

“There is a big work and it continues this way, and if there is no setback, we will open this airport with a passenger capacity of 2018 million in the first quarter of 90 and present it to the aviation industry. The aviation industry in the world and Turkey are showing a growth rate of 10 percent. above this figure in Turkey stands out more. "


Mr. Nihat Özdemir stated that there is a need for a port for the airport built on the Black Sea coast. Özdemir stated that this port could be used for the transportation of the fuel and also the cargo to be transferred from the vessels.

“In our cargo management, it seems that we definitely need to make a port on the Black Sea coast regarding the consumption of fuel. These works continue rapidly. We are aiming to put a small container, although not very large. We found land suitable for the harbor there. We do our work. We will scan the middle with a jetty and a dock and turn it into a port where container ships will berth. The ships that will supply fuel approaching there should not be less than 60 thousand tons. ”

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