What is Bitumen Asphalt in Railways

What is Bitumen Asphalt in Railways

Asphalt was first used by Mesopotamian people in the sanctuary and in the isolation of water tanks. The Egyptians have also used the asphalt as the rock units of the Nile river bоyunca to prevent the erоzyоnu.

The use of asphalt as a road material was made during the Babylonians (BC 625)
In 1595, the lake mud on the island of Trinidad Island in Venezuela has been defined as a natural asphalt and used in the isolation of ships.
1800 made the first way in the beginning using John McADAM crushed stone.
In 1871, the first hot mix asphalt was produced and the product was taken (NY)
In 1907 the first asphalt was produced using ramine oil bitumen.
1955 was founded in the National Asphalt Association (NAPA).
The year of 1956 is a turning point in the asphalt industry; It has been used in this year for the first time.
At the beginning of the 1970, the use of asphalt was provided and a large scale economy was provided. Nowadays, it is only used in the US with the asphalt recovery from the 70.000.000 tone in the US.

Roughly 1 metric ton (1 ton = 1.016 metric ton. Or 1 metric ton = 7.56 barrel) hampetrоlden;
We can say that the 65 (27-28) is manufactured as% XNUMX-XNUMX (fuel oil and asphalt).
1-13 of the crude oil 15-29 percent, 30-XNUMX'in diesel is turning.

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