Assuming the factor of guarantee for crazy projects in Davutoglu crisis

Davutoglu crisis alleged assurance factor for crazy projects: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's AK Party Presidency and Prime Minister's office with the coup deprived of the cause of the request to cut down on the state guarantees crazy projects were claimed.

According to the claim published in Hürriyet 3. Airport, 3. Since the April 14, the government has been offering 15 government guarantees for huge investments such as the Bosphorus Bridge, Eurasia Tube Crossing Project, Channel Istanbul, Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge, and 2014 city hospital project built by the Ministry of Health in 100 province. Davutoglu thinks that this brings a great burden on the economy and attempts to draw the state guarantee to 80, which makes the Palace very angry.

It turned out that Davutoglu had asked the relevant ministers in a Council of Ministers about a month before his dismissal.

It was suggested that Erdoğan's anger against this initiative, which backed these giant projects costing billions of dollars, was also effective in drawing Davutoğlu.

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