Investment from China to Kars

From China, the Kars Investment Subtraction: Caucasus University (KAU) Continuing Education Application and Research Center Directorate, Turkey - China due to the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations, China Ambassador Yu Hongyang and central Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Ankara The highest level representatives of 8 world giant companies came to Kars to make investments.

(KAI) Continuing Education Application and Research Center Manager Arzu Onel Turkey and China Relations Liaison Officer Ersin China from Kars at the invitation of Hoserer Ambassador Yu delegation led by Hong Yang presidency, performing a series of visits to Kars.

World's most senior representatives of companies operating in the first 500 Situated between Turkey and the company, first as Governor of Kars Günay Özdemir, then visited the Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta authorities. The Chinese delegation then visited the Kars Chamber of Industry and Commerce and held talks.

Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, the Chinese delegation received in his office. Admission to the China Ambassador Yu Hongyang, to exchange views on bilateral relations with a crowded delegation of businessmen said they came to Kars, business unity and in many areas between Turkey and China said they wanted to remove potential surfaced. Stating that bilateral relations between the two countries are strengthening with each passing day, Yu Hongyang, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Ankara, noted that they have achieved success in politics, economy and culture, and that they are pleased with it and that they want to strengthen these relations further.

Therefore, after the Governor Özdemir said that they visited the Mayor of Kars Murtaza Karaçanta'yı Ambassador Yu Hongyang, President Karaçanta'dan want to learn more about Kars's economy and development status, he said.

said also that exceeds 100 of Chinese companies Number operating in Turkey, Yu Hongyang, many of the companies from representatives of Kars they operate in the transport sector emphasis sheets, these companies pointed out that among the first 500 company in the world.

with Kars in Turkey they are ready to do more extensive cooperation in China said Ambassador Yu Hongyang, "the Kars Governor Özdemir Gunay we met. Governor Ozdemir, Kars has a distinct importance and great development potential in the region, he said. As the Chinese side, we encourage Chinese companies to invest came to Turkey. Last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the leader of the People's Republic of China in China, accompanied by a delegation accompanying him. Then Chinese President arrived in Turkey for the summit of G 20. Bilateral views were exchanged. And many agreements were signed. One of the signed agreements is also closely associated with this agreement with us and dairy products and dairy products in Turkey has nothing to do with being imported to China. As Governor Özdemir said, Kars is a very important agricultural and animal husbandry base. Every year, the average 250 thousand cattle were sent out of the province. We hope that the milk products produced in Kars will be exported to China. In the field of railways, an intergovernmental agreement was signed. With the implementation of all these projects, it will also contribute to the development of Kars with the strengthening of bilateral relations. For this reason, we are ready to cooperate with Kars. We hope you will support us on this issue. ”

In his speech, Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta stated that the Chinese delegation headed by Ambassador Yu Hongyang is happy to be in Kars and said that China's success in many areas in the world is not a coincidence. Stating that China's recent investments in our country cannot be ignored, President Karaçanta said: “Kars is a province located in the center of the Caucasus. Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Iron Silk Road, TANAP and Kars Logistics Center, which will soon be operational in Turkey and will be a center of attraction in the region. In this sense, we of course care about the reconciliations and cooperation with other countries. In this sense, it is pleasing to host world-famous sector representatives in many fields in our city. In this sense, we are excited about the desire of the world giant sector representatives to invest in our city, from the transportation network that will appeal to Kars, to municipality and agriculture and livestock. Kars also has an extremely important tourism potential in terms of winter tourism, culture and faith tourism. Since agriculture and animal husbandry are the primary sources of income for Kars, the export of these sectors also has an extremely important potential.

8 Chinese giant company representatives After the speeches, the Mayor of Murtaza Karaçanta, introducing themselves, the company projects in Turkey and were told they had to spend and they spend a life.

Drawing attention to the importance of Kars in the region with the Logistics Center to be established in Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Iron Silk Road, TANAP and Kars, company representatives stated that the Chinese Operators Association, headquartered in Ankara, was established in 2010.

Representatives of 44 companies that are already members of their Associations, as representatives of companies operating primarily within CRRC Corporation Limited, Engineering contracting, telecommunication facilities production, furnishing production, high-speed train manufacturing and contracting, other than import and export of spare parts and other sub structures, coal, natural gas and oil, mining, logistics, solar energy and health.

Delegates also at the level of farm management as president of the Association of CRRC Company, stating that Turkey attached great importance to the market: "We are doing worldwide by contracting. Now we are carrying out underground gas storage project in Aksaray in Turkey and we have been conducting for BOTAS natural gas project to the world. The approximate cost of these two projects is 2 Billion Dollars. We can provide maintenance and operation services, petrochemical, natural gas power plants, circulation of urban waste, recycling and water treatment plants are doing projects.

We are the rail system manufacturing company of the Chinese Railcar and Locomotive Company (CRRC), which has the largest product range worldwide and uses the most advanced technology. Last year's turnover was 4 trillion dollars. We produce high speed train wagons and E buses and subways. In 2013, we made an investment of 100 Million Dollars and established a production facility in Ankara. We provided wagons in Ankara, İzmir and Samsun. We are active in providing wagons in Kars. We want to support the rail system project in Kars. We're now watching closely the health sector in Turkey. Therefore, we can cooperate with Turkish companies. We are aspire to Kars - Edirne high speed train project. As CRRC's construction group, we are the largest railway building group in the world. The length of the high-speed train line in China is 20 Thousand kilometers. And we did half of it. In Turkey Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project in the second phase we did. From Eskişehir to Pendik and opened in July 2014. The average speed per hour is 205 kilometers. 20 has been in operation for months. The Government of Turkey was extremely happy from this project. When making railroads, we attach importance to passing the line through villages as well as cities. China Power Investment Group 2010 was founded in Ankara. We have been operating in Istanbul for over a year now. We also construct and maintain power plants.

Yeni Umut Project is the largest company in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. We are mainly engaged in food, agriculture, real estate, finance and industry. In February 2011 2012 years between the year we conducted investigations in Turkey. October Our factory was completed in Adana at 2014. Our company is on ruminant animals. We have 600 calves in Adana and we want to increase this number to 6. In the next stage we want to set up a slaughterhouse after increasing this number to 10 Bin. We also want animal and agricultural productions to be marketed. There are very high quality products like olive oil in Turkey. We would like to export olive oil to China. We hope that we would like to export in agriculture and food sector in the future.

As Harbin Electric Company, we are very strong in the establishment and implementation of our company's power plant. We have a very strong staff. We have built turnkey power plants in more than 20 countries around the world. We also attach importance to Turkey. "He said.

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