North Crossing EIA meeting for railway line

North Crossing An EIA meeting will be held for the railway line: An EIA meeting will be held in connection with the transit of Kocaeli to Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul railway project, which will reduce Istanbul-Ankara to 1,5 hours. The project is expected to be completed within 5 years

Construction of a second high-speed train in our region is about to begin. A huge project that will cost around 6.8 billion liras is also closely related to Kocaeli. The EIA process for the Adapazari-Istanbul North Crossing Railway project has started. Within the scope of the Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul railway project, which is planned to reduce the travel time between 6 hours and Istanbul-Ankara to 1,5 hours, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) meeting will be organized for the m Adapazarı-İstanbul North Crossing Railway UM project.


The EIA meeting will be held at 09.05.2016 on 10.00 at Leyla Atakan Culture Center. The same day, the same meeting will be held in Istanbul Pendik Mehmet Akif Ersoy Art Center. The start time of the meeting in Istanbul was determined as 14.00.


The line of the railway will start from Kartepe in Kocaeli and is located in Izmit, Derince, Dilovasi, Gebze, Tuzla, Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Kartal, Sancaktepe, Maltepe, Atasehir, Umraniye, Cekmekoy and Beykoz. will reach the bridge. The Adapazarı-İstanbul Northern Crossing Railway project will cover the line between the provinces of Kocaeli and Istanbul and the 3 thousand 111 kilometers. The project will be completed in 589 year after construction commences.


The route of Adapazari-Istanbul North Crossing Railway will be as follows: Starting from Kartepe, respectively, İzmit, Derince, Körfez, Dilovası, Gebze, Tuzla, Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Kartal, Sancaktepe, Maltepe, Ataşehir, Ümraniye and Çekmeköy, connect to the bridge.


Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul Railway Project, which will reduce Istanbul-Ankara to 1,5 hours, will be one stop in Kocaeli. However, it is not clear in which district and where to put it. This will be decided upon by the Governorship of Kocaeli, TCDD General Directorate and the Ministry of Transport. It is estimated that the stop will be in Izmit or Kartepe.


With the High Speed ​​Train, Ankara and Istanbul will continue for more than two hours. Trained as a high-speed train, the new trains will be able to speed up to 4 per hour. The trains, which are currently in service, can go up to a maximum of 350 per hour.


The transportation project between Ankara and Istanbul is planned to be developed in order to develop transportation alternatives between the two cities with the Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul Railway Project.

The Adapazari-Istanbul North Crossing Railway Project, planned by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the General Directorate of TCDD, covers the planned route within the administrative boundaries of Kocaeli and Istanbul provinces between Ankara-Kocaeli (1) and Sarıyer-Başakşehir (3). it is reported.

1 starting from Ankara Sincan. The railway project will end in Izmit Izmit after passing through Bolu and Sakarya borders. 1. The cut is between 0 + 000 and 262 + 078. The line planned by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was declared to have completed the Environmental Impact Assessment process and received the Genel EIA Positive Certificate Ulaştırma.

2 of the project. The route starts by connecting to the existing Ankara-Eskişehir-İnönü-Köseköy-Gebze-Haydarpaşa railway line in the district of Bahçelievler, Kocaeli. Adapazarı-Istanbul North Crossing Railway Project is about 14. Sincan-Çayirhan-Istanbul Project (Ankara-Kocaeli Section) connects. Thus, the continuation of the Ankara-Kocaeli section of the Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul Project will be ensured on the existing line.

The Adapazari-Istanbul North Crossing Railway Project, which will start from Kartepe, passes through the cities of Izmit, Derince, Korfez and Gebze, and then passes through the Tuzla, Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Kartal, Sancaktepe, Maltepe, Atasehir, Umraniye and Cekmekoy districts. the beginning of the bridge will end in Beykoz. The planned route covers the 3 km long line.

  1. If the cut, the construction is ongoing 3. Starting from Sarıyer at the Bosphorus Bridge exit (356 + 680 km), Başakşehir district covers the 397 km long line that ends at the Kayabaşı station (671 + 40.991 km). The Environmental Impact Assessment process of the project was completed and tamam EIA Not Required Decision süre was given for the project.

With the road investments made between Ankara and Istanbul, transportation is provided at approximately 6 hour. This time with the airway transportation to approximately 3-4,5 hours, while the current high-speed train line (until Istanbul Pendik) this transportation is completed in approximately 4 hour. With the completion of the Sincan-Çayırhan-İstanbul Railway project, which is designed according to the speed of approximately 350 km / h, the travel time between Ankara and Istanbul is planned to be reduced to 1,5 hours. In this way, the line that is the subject of the project is aimed at increasing the transportation demand on the transportation axis and becoming a type of transportation that can compete with the airline.


Sarımeşe Neighborhood
Emekevler Mahallesi
Ataevler Neighborhood
Istasyon Mahallesi
Ertuğrul Gazi Neighborhood
Uzunbey Neighborhood

Eseler Neighborhood
Durhasan Neighborhood
The Black Sea
Çayırköy Neighborhood
Tepeköy Neighborhood
Sepetçi Mahallesi
Sekbanlı Neighborhood
Kabaoğlu Neighborhood

Toylar District

Sipahiler Neighborhood
Şemsettin Mahallesi

Tepecik District

Denizli Neighborhood
Mollafenari District
Balchik District



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