Çambaşı Plateau and the sea join the ropeway

Çambaşı merging Plateau and sea cable cars: Europe and Turkey "all first and only airport made on the sea" that feature then carrying the Ordu-Giresun Airport project, other projects to be completed for the transport and tourism in the region work in progress.

Europe and Turkey "all made the first and only airport on the sea" that feature then carrying the Ordu-Giresun Airport project, other projects for completion of work in progress in transport and tourism.

The Governor of the Army Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, said in a statement, the Army-Giresun Airport in the region after the ongoing Black Sea-Mediterranean Road project is called the "project of the century," said, "This dream is based on the Ottoman period. During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid, the 600 kilometer was drawn to the French in 1880. Under the circumstances of that day, it was called 'Dereyolu'. This road is an important highway connecting the north to the south. I

Noting that the first stage of the road was opened for transportation and the remaining stages would be completed by 2017, Balkanlıoğlu said, N 90 kilometers between Ordu and Mesudiye road, 3 has been given to the contractor separately. The 100 kilometer of the 55 kilometer road between Ordu and Mesudiye-Sivas Koyulhisar has been completed and the remaining sections will be completed by the end of 2017. Ordu

Vali Balkanlıoğlu stated that the 25 tunnel on the highway between Ordu and Mesudiye took place, he continued:

Oğun The vast majority of these tunnels have been completed. In 2017, the shortest route connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean will be found in Ordu. When this road is completed, all the goods produced in the Mediterranean Sea will be cut to the Black Sea via Russia and all the goods produced in the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Tamam

The plateau and the sea join the cable car

Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, the 30 kilometer cable car line to be established in Ordu, said that the coast can reach the Çambaşı Plateau with an altitude of 2 thousand.

The Black Sea's unique beauty of the cable car can be climbed to the highlands of the Balkanlıoğlu, with the project, the coast to the plateau can travel with a magnificent landscape stressed.

Governor Balkanlıoğlu stated that they will meet the highlands with the help of the cable car which is planned to be constructed in the vicinity of the 30 kilometer. Eden With the cable car, both the center and the plateau will be reached by cable car. Why is not this application in our country, which has examples in the world? Em.

Balkanlıoğlu emphasized that the project will make a great contribution to the tourism, development and development of Ordu.

Ordu Ring Road project

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz stated that a part of the 4 kilometer, which is the cost of 9 of Ordu-Giresun Airport and which is passed by tunnel, is planned to be opened at the end of the year.

Yilmaz, the frequent blockage of traffic in the Army after this project was brought to the agenda, said: "2007 19 project started in the construction of the 600 kilometer XNUMX million pounds will be held in the tender." He said.

Chocolate Park project

Enver Yılmaz stated that the ağ Chocolate Park arazi project, which will be built on 60 thousand acres in Gülyalı, Ordu, will contribute much to the region.

stating that the project will continue to work for the small ships can dock or pier found the Metropolitan Mayor Yilmaz, "wrote the final project will bear the first in its field in Turkey is scheduled for completion. In the 5 million pounds cost of the proposed project will include chocolate production and sales centers, as well as social reinforcement areas in many varieties and perhaps be a first in Turkey to carry the features here. "The assessment found.

Çambaşı Ski Resort

Yılmaz said that the Çambaşı Ski Facility project which was carried out in Çambaşı Plateau with an altitude of 2 in Kabadüz district was completed to a great extent and that it would start to serve soon and said:

U In the 2012 project, the first digging was hit in 2013. Çambaşı Ski Resort is one of the nearest ski resorts to the sea. Our facility was completed to a great extent. Approximately 35 million pounds spent for the facility. Fortunately, we closed our debt to the contractor firm at 90 level. Plant, one of the military and Turkey's most important investment. It was a very special facility with both social facilities and accommodation facilities. Maybe the entire facility may not be able to serve in the first place, but the citizens of the plateau can easily benefit from it. Belki

Ünye Harbor Project

Enver Yilmaz, one of the largest ports in the region to do to Ünye'ye, he said:

An Ünye Port has a different feature than many ports. This is a naturally sheltered harbor. We took over this port as Metropolitan Municipality. We will enlarge and develop this port to meet the needs of both Altınordu and Fatsa. We're going to bring a high tonnage of cruise ships near. We asked for an official feasibility report from an international company. Hopefully, we will finish this port as soon as possible and offer it to the service of the region. İn

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