Driverless Buses Start Their Flights in England

The Driverless Buses are starting in the UK: Britain announced that it will use the driverless bus capsules by taking an important step in the transportation of driverless people this year. Capsules are preparing to serve.

UK, one of the pioneer countries in the field of driverless automobile technology, was hosting the test phase of Google's driverless cars on the streets of London, and agreed with Mercedes Benz about driverless truck solutions.

In the current process, Britain has introduced the driverless bus capsules, which were previously announced in 2016.

Driverless Buses Going Down the Road

The UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) opened the project called GATEway. This means that driverless bus capsules will be activated as soon as possible.

Nick Reed, Director of the GATEway Project, said that the driverless vehicle transportation is probably the biggest development in the automotive industry after the discovery of a horse-drawn carriage.

Reed, expressing that every citizen can ride on these vehicles with peace of mind, said that GATEway vehicles offer complete assurance to passengers during their journey.

Ultra Pod capsules, developed with a team of experts from companies such as Westfield Sportscars, Oxbotica, will have the capacity of 6 passengers and reach maximum 40km / s.

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