Bursaray again broke down, the father shouted passengers down from the wagon

Bursaray broke down again, the vatman shouted the passengers from the wagon: yesterday, there were classic moments in Bursa. The old subway, which went to the labor direction, came delayed. What happened next did not leave a word again ...

Bursa's “scrap” wagons continue to victimize citizens!

The old wagons, which are used in the direction of Emek and are called as scrap, are broken down almost every day.

The old metro vehicle in the direction of the labor was again delayed yesterday.

When it came, I was full of stuff.

Bursalılar, difficulty breathing, people had to travel on top of each other.

Those moments were recorded in seconds by some passengers…

And after a while, as always, the subway broke down!

Transfer to other train in Organized Industry. Some passengers made criticisms from the window to the vatman. Citizens responded, “Why don't you report the malfunction and this situation repeated all the time? Isn't it your job to do this? ” expressed in words.

Then the patriarch closed the window and turned towards the passengers who had not left the subway. He shouted them out.

The images that did not look for the "Survivor" program from Bursaray were reflected on the cameras a while ago and this caused severe reactions especially on social media.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 17:48

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