Cargo transportation will be done in Bursa Train Line

Cargo transportation will be done in Bursa Railway Line: We have announced the news on these columns in May. 5 March 23 '' 2012'ta journey 'with the excitement and excitement for the first time for the high-speed trains in Balat project for the first time was exited Yenişehir. The passage of Yenişehir, which was decided to be connected to Osmaneli, was taken from the south of the district to the north.
There is an additional line in this project that is new.
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On Friday evening event television broadcasts every aspect of the program, the guest of the AK Party Bursa deputy and Parliamentary National Defense Commission Deputy Chairman Huseyin Sahin explained.
He said:
Or Only the fast train is spoken in public. However, there will be a freight transport. Moreover, the Bursa line will be connected to the Anatolian conventional line from Osmaneli. Elik
He explained what that means:
Ri Bursa is an industrial city. The industrial and agricultural products produced by our Bursa can be transported to Anatolia by freight train. Bursa
She added:
İran It will also be possible to ship to the Middle East and Iran. Railroad transportation bridge will be established to Turkic states, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Tür
Reminiscent of:
X Only Inegöl has 2 Organized Industrial Zone. Around here, the plant is close to 150 and sells its products to the Middle East. There is a significant agricultural potential in Yenişehir as the industrial zone expands. Yine
Eyi He was loading from the industrialist of the region, Bozüyük or İnegöl, “he said and explained the new project:
Yen Our initiatives for an additional line of 20 kilometers between Yenişehir and İnegöl on the Osmaneli-Bursa line are to give positive results. “
He continued:
Cak Just like the Bursa-Gemlik line, agriculture and industry will be transported. It was planned to cover the 2 OIZ of Yenişehir and İnegöl. Yen
He gave me this information:
Yaklaşık A special station will be built for the loading of approximately 22 kilometers from İnegöl. The project was prepared. Proj
He added:
Ar Products from the factories will be loaded directly into the wagon without the need for trucks, wagons will be added directly to the train train at the new station. “
The goal is:
Cent 1 Cent or 1 Dollars are very important to compete in international markets. The public needs to minimize the costs of the industry, so that the competitiveness can be at maximum conditions. San



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