Another disgrace in the Bursa subway

Another disgrace in the Bursa metro: The wagons used in Bursa transportation and considered as scrap broke down again. Public transportation in Bursa is again suffering, citizens have to jump over the rails to the wagons and summarized what happened in one word: Disgrace!

Public transportation in Bursa is getting more and more painful with each passing day!

Used as a second hand scrap used in public transportation, wagons continue to leave the residents on the road.

In the middle of a city claiming to be a brand in the city is unthinkable landscapes!

In the metro breakdown, the last address was Acemler.

Bursaray's scrap wagons malfunctioned again!

Citizens had to jump down the failed wagon.

The transition to the other car was not easy!

This time, the residents of Bursa, who had to climb over the rails to the wagon that will continue the voyage, summed up their ordeal in one word: Disgrace ...

Old and children had a hard time!


Bursa, Turkey's public transportation is among the most expensive cities in the first place.

On the other hand, the condemnation of the citizens to the scrap wagons that break down frequently and have no comfort features increases the public reactions to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

While there is no trouble-free week in Bursaray, the reaction of the residents of Bursa, who both pay the highest public transportation fee and spend every day in ordeal, is growing especially on social media.

Fish stowage in the wagons that do not have air conditioning in summer and winter in Bursa without any breakdowns has now become a classic.

Another issue that citizens react to on social media is that while no improvement has been made in Bursaray, which is used by the whole of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality insists on the investment items that are reflected in the public opinion such as helitaxy.

While citizens have difficulties to use Bursaray economically, they react to the shift to other areas despite no improvement in metro lines.

It was also on the agenda that the Metropolitan Municipality could not find what it was hoping for due to the price tariff of the cruise lines between Orhangazi and Iznik.

The majority of the people of Bursa cannot receive services because of the high wages of helitaxia and seaplane.




    1. good inspection of the subway car has been inspected on the road if the inspection inspection is checked. Even if the exit is repaired or empty on the array. Personnel should be the personnel who will remove the wagon malfunction within the personnel. TCDD is the wagon technicians who understand the best wagon in the country.