Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line's Route in the New Project

High Speed ​​Train - YHT
High Speed ​​Train - YHT

The Route of the Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line in the New Project: The expectation of years in Bursa's transportation is not even fast as the name of the fast train.

Especially the routes and routes related to the geographical situation in the routes where the high-speed train will take place have been added almost every day.

Therefore, the arrival of the train to Bursa on schedule was delayed as it was delayed

As a matter of fact, many speculations were started to be produced by the opposition, a statement came from the AK Party deputy and the deputy chairman of the National Defense Commission, Huseyin Sahin.

TCDD General Manager in Ankara İsa Apaydın Deputy Minister of Transportation Yüksel Coşkunyürek said that they discussed the issue with the Deputy Hussein Sahin, i Due to some problems in the high-speed train to the stage of the project could not come from Yenisehir. TCDD finally overcame this problem and made the tender for the project. The connection of the high-speed train project, planned to be completed in 240 days, is expected to be made to Osmaneli. According to this, the settlement points on the final route were marked on the map one by one Buna.

According to the newly determined project Yenişehir Yenişehir Mahallesi'nin Tailors and Hayriye villages, which will continue from the fast train line Bridge Bridge, Çelebi, Afsar Yenişehir villages will emphasize the Sahin inin Drawing a new project according to the ongoing high speed train line by drawing a half moon north of Yenisehir it will pass. After going to Yenişehir Airport and parallel to the highway, Çardak, Koyunhisar, Marmaracik and Seymen villages will be overcome. From here he will land at Barakfakih Buradan.

In this case, the new train will take place near İnegöl.

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    1. In this case, a connection to the inegölden airport should be made. In this way, both Inegol and YHT would be achieved. As well as the airport becomes a bit more functional.