Bursa will be in league of giants

Bursa will be in the league of giants: Bursa has its own role in determining that the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, "Bursa world league will be released," he said.


Mayor Recep Altepe met with Sönmez Media employees. Bursa Hakimiyet Newspaper and ASTV Editor-in-Chief Okan Tuna, editor-in-chief Ali Kemal Aksakal and Kemal Göz were the newspaper and TV staff at the meeting held at the facilities of Burfaş in Beşevler. Within the scope of the whole city application Altepe, stating that all the needs of the districts will be removed one by one, Büyükşehir nowadays, besides the routine services of municipalities, they will carry Bursa to the future, they will be introducing projects to the world, he said.

Bursa, Turkey's development would provide a good strategy by emphasizing the Altepe, Bursa said they will in the world league, "Which media do not tell you if sewage water gun. These are very classic. We carry Bursa into the future. We say how Turkey develops. Cities will do it. In this regard, everyone needs to set their own strategies and to draw direction in the region. He needs to create synergy in the city. This is our goal. Bizim


Altepe stated that the Bursa industry, which has started to produce local trams with the guidance and incentives, has now started to produce aircraft and added, gerçekleştir The local should determine its own role. What to do in Bursa should be done in accordance with the conditions of the city. How much will Ankara give to Ankara? Bursa can not be seen from Ankara Sanayi We are an industrial city, but the Minister of Industry did not come out of Bursa. The biggest production in Istanbul after Istanbul Bursa We produce brands. Tram, subway, this city began to do even aircraft. We can produce any kind of production. Now, wait for the tram from Ankara. They have no chance of coming into their mind. Who will tell you to do a tram. That's why we have to do it ourselves. The man who comes out of this city knows the value of the city, the value of Uludağ ın It is necessary to determine which sectors will stand out. There are production, infrastructure and technical facilities in Bursa. We will produce our tram, metro wagons as well as our aircraft. Tram



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