Bullet Train Has Succeeded In First Test Of Hyperloop

What is hyperloop when to use hyperloop
What is hyperloop when to use hyperloop

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's dream of high-speed train, which he developed to solve the transportation problem, is now coming true. The high-speed train, named Hyperloop, successfully passed its first test.

As you may recall, we announced to you that the Hyperloop project will be implemented last June and we tried to inform you that this train, which will reach 1220 km / h per hour using compressed air, is extremely necessary. Again, we have informed you that Hyperloop's tests will be started with another news soon after this news. In the news, we said that Hyperloop's tests will start in Las Vegas in the coming months. As we said it happened and the results of Hyperloop's first test started to reach us. You can watch the realization of the test from the video.

Hyperloop's first test was done in a desert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moving forward with a speed of 187 km / h in its first test, Hyperloop managed to reach this speed in 1.1 seconds. When we look at the test results, we can say that Hyperloop is now a project that will come true rather than a dream. Speaking about the test, Hyperloop CEO Rob Lloyd said, “It's real! It's happening now. ” He emphasized his excitement by making a statement. Hyperloop, which will meet its energy completely from the sun and will not harm the nature, can completely change our transportation habits. Under normal conditions, Hyperloop will speed up to 85 kilometers per second.

The Xlox project, which is expected to be completed in 5 years and will travel at a speed close to the sound speed, will cost 6 billion dollars.

Günceleme: 28/03/2021 12:15

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  1. Let's see… we'll see. Ingenuity is not just a few times, but seriously operational / service stability ...
    First to make the concept of Hermann KEMPER, which was built between 1936-40 (the first stage seems to be successful), then to be able to apply the concept of the SWISS-METRO Project of the 60-70s (V> = 1.000km / H). First, the middle questions and problems need to be resolved. Our wish, of course, is that they will be successful INSAHALLAH!