Seal of the Budo Pier

📩 09/12/2018 17:45

Seal of Budo Pier: January XAIX since the building of Mudanya Iskele Square in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BUDO terminal and service buildings belonging to the illegal and unlicensed of indicating that the Mayor of Mudanya Mayor Hayri Turkyilmaz is preparing to seal the building.

About 3 years Mudanya-Kabataş Stating that the BUDO sea buses terminal and service building belonging to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which carries passengers between, is illegal and unlicensed, Mayor Türkyılmaz said: “Municipalities are a state institution and they should be more careful and comply with the law. Those who are punished when the citizens make illegal structures should not make this mistake they made. ”

Türkyılmaz stated that the terminal building was illegal and unlicensed in the examinations conducted by the municipal units and said, bin Our units continue to work. So far, they haven't found a license for this building. Finally, the work will be done in the case of the event of the license tomorrow will not affect the passenger arrivals will seal the way, '' he said. President Türkyılmaz, ve BUDO Mudanya Pier with the decision of the Council of Ministers after the assignment of the inspection process BUDO'un terminal and service buildings were found to be unlicensed and illegal. Since this is a government organization, the subject is examined in full detail. Information is collected in all our units. According to our data, the building is unlicensed. If no other document is issued, it will be measured and sealed when the work is finished tomorrow. In the face of the law, everyone is equal. Mudanya Municipality and the municipality is a part of Turkey. Anyone who is illegal against the law and the illegal construction, everyone knows our fight against the leak. I want everyone to know that we will show the same sensitivity on this issue. Bu

Türkyılmaz said, “The legal process will be initiated by the sealing process. There is a period of time for the organization to obtain the permits and licenses. If they receive them within this period, they will become licensed. Unless it's possible! If he takes it there is no problem, if not, the decision to demolish at the end of the period. They need to contact us for a license. During this period, there will be no change or restriction on passenger transport. Bu

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