Bostanlı Bridge and Meles Bridge are demolished for tramway in İzmir

📩 09/12/2018 17:46

Bostanlı Bridge and Meles Bridge in Izmir are demolished for the tram: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Konak and the ongoing construction Karşıyaka It renews the Bostanlı bridge on the trams routes and the Meles bridge on Şehitler Caddesi from beginning to end. Both bridges will be demolished and rebuilt. While the Meles bridge was closed to vehicle traffic due to works, side roads were opened for traffic flow. Chaos occurred on the first day of the new application.

Konak, which is under construction by the Metropolitan Municipality, and Karşıyaka After the changes made in the sidewalks and roads on the routes of the trams, as in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and Yalı Street, this time it is time for the work to be done on two bridges. Karşıyaka The tram line is located on the Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard and the bridge will be built again due to the necessity of enlarging the hydraulic section. The remaining part of the Bostanlı Creek between Hasan Ali Yücel and Cemal Gürsel streets will be rearranged in accordance with the zoning plans and the river will be rehabilitated.

Due to the safety of the building, work has begun to demolish and rebuild the existing highway bridge on the Meles stream, which is located on the route of the Konak tram line Şehitler Caddesi. After preparing alternative interconnection roads for vehicles, the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic today (Wednesday, May 11). For vehicles going from Şehitler Caddesi to Halkapınar, when they came to the Meles bridge, turn left from a single lane and pass to the connection road coming from the harbor direction. The vehicles crossing to the second bridge parallel to the Meles bridge on Şehitler Caddesi from here continue in the direction of Halkapınar, and they can return to Basmane by an intermediate road opened under the viaduct.

On the first day that the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic, the drivers experienced difficulties because connection roads were built, but the public was not informed. Especially in the morning, traffic jams on the exit and entrance from Şehitler Street and on the return connection road to Şehitler Street from the harbor direction. Drivers tried to figure out where they could get from where. At noon, municipal teams started to sew direction signs. Municipal officials stated that the bridge will be demolished and rebuilt, and that this is needed because there will be a tram on it.

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