Batman's railway problem

Batman's railway problem: Batman Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, the city center, the problem of local governments in the time of the problem of the railway problem, he said.

State Railways passing through the city center of Batman (TCDD) in the statement about the Batman Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanism Tarik Yasar, the city center, the problem of local authorities in the time of the problem of railways in the city center and the alternative projects can be developed on this issue, he said.

Stating that the railroad problem has been around since the time Batman was first established, Yaşar said, “While Batman was a village called Beşlu connected to Beşiri in the 1950s, oil was found and TPAO was established. With the establishment of TPAO, shops, residences and bazaars were formed. Iluh developed day by day, became a town and then a province. There were TPAO, TÜPRAŞ and BOTAŞ. Train rails were needed to bring their products. Rails were made for those institutions. The city was founded around the train tracks. The train tracks remained in the city. This time they say that the rails should not pass through the city. The problem arises from the fact that local governments did not intervene in time. Local governments are faced with the locals, but this does not give them the right to make mistakes. Alternative projects on this subject can be developed. ” said.

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