Balıkesir OSB launches sectoral investment attack

Balıkesir OSB launches the sectoral investment attack: Fahri Ermişler, the chairman of Balıkesir OSB Entrepreneurs Committee, has stated that the OIZ, where the investment of the industry newspaper will make an investment in 100 million Euros, is an advantageous base. Is We are waiting for investors in our region as OSB, which has been woven with the advantages of logistics and location and perfected its infrastructure “.

Investment moves
In Balıkesir OSB, which has covered a great distance in areas such as road, environment, electricity, license, health and treatment, the investment fire does not go out. Balıkesir OSB Enterprising Committee Chairman Fahri Ermişler, who is also the President of the Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce, stated that the German Daimler Group and Şişecam will establish a glass fiber and composite plant in Balıkesir OSB with an investment of 100 million Euros.

Investor call
Balıkesir OSB Entrepreneur Delegation Chairman Fahri Ermişler:
The investment amount of the company that Daimler Group and Şişecam will establish is 100 million euros, but according to the impressions I got from both Balıkesir and Germany, 200 million euros more sectoral investment will be related to glass fiber and composite. This investment will create a magnet effect. It is a great figure to have an investment of 300 million Euros in total in Balıkesir within a few years.

“Investments will provide employment for at least 3 thousand people. When considering with their families, 10 thousand people will eat bread from the facility. The facility will be based in Balıkesir. A large group of members will be both members of the chamber of commerce and their tax will come from Balıkesir. It is not customary for foreign investors to be deployed in Balıkesir, both physically and on paper, by foreign investors. These companies accepted it because they did not break our request and valued it. After the investment to be completed in 1,5 years, they want to employ 200 people. They will move the sector related to glass fiber and composite to Balıkesir. Because, this was the demand from other manufacturers. ”

OSB pros
, The industrial zone, which attaches importance to value added and employment, is ready for investors. Balıkesir OIZ, where the cost of land is low, is accepted as one of the few industrial zones with completed infrastructure. Products produced under the roof of OSB can easily reach abroad. In addition to its logistical advantages, it is also known for its fast service to its industrialists. OSB 3 will be doubled. Our expropriation continues. As we are mixed OSB, we are open to all sectors. We will collect the fruits of our Super Road and high speed train in the future. The work for the high-speed train will result in 2017. Hızlı

“We are in a great location in terms of location. Our logistics village was established right next to our OIZ. Starting from the train station in Izmir and ending in Germany. Thus, we ensure that a commodity from Balıkesir to Germany reaches the 4 day. 3 is close to the major port. Çandarlı and Bandırma ports are very close to our region. We have many pluses like this. We invite investors to take part in our organization. Yatırım

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