Eurasia Tunnel Exits Viewed from Air

Eurasia Tunnel
Eurasia Tunnel

The exits of the Eurasia Tube Crossing, which will connect Asia and Europe under the Bosphorus, in Istanbul, were viewed from the air. The exits of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect the European and Asian sides of Istanbul for the 5th time, were photographed from the air.

The highway tunnel, which will connect the two sides under the seabed for the first time, will serve on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, where vehicle traffic is intense in Istanbul. The 14,6-kilometer section of the route, which has a total length of 5,4 kilometers, will be placed under the sea floor on two floors.

The works on the expansion of the roads between Sarayburnu-Kazlıçeşme and Harem-Göztepe, where the tube crossing took place, were accelerated. While road expansion work is accelerated on both Asian and European sides, a large number of overpasses and overpasses will be constructed along the way to make traffic flowing.


Work is underway to make Kennedy Caddesi, the main artery on the European side, 4 lanes in both directions. On the Asian side, the roads will be increased to 4 lanes in both directions in some places and up to 5 lanes in some places. According to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment prepared for the Eurasia Tunnel Project, 2 crossroads, 1 underpass, 1 overpass, 3 pedestrian bridges will be built in the Anatolian side Göztepe region. On the European side, 5 U-turn underpasses and 7 pedestrian crossings will be built to relieve the coastal traffic. With these studies, it is planned to reduce the travel time from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.

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