The allegation that the name Atatürk was removed from the metro station in Ankara

The Claim That Atatürk's Name Was Removed From The Metro Station In Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stated that the news that the name “Atatürk” was removed from the subway “Atatürk Culture Center” in some newspapers is ART intent and does not reflect the truth.

The authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality reacted to the news titled Merkezi Gokcek, Ataturk wiped out da and el Melih Gokcek's allergy to Atatürk ın in some of the media organs.

Officials, niyet the original news of the news in newspapers and completely malicious news. Atatürk Cultural Center phrases remain in place. There is no difference in the announcements ”.
In the news, “Before the renovation, Atatürk Cultural Center was writing at the stops. The announcements made in the wagons are not used in the name of Ataturk, the 'Cultural Center' announcement is being made. ”

“There is no change in all signs inside and outside the station at Atatürk Cultural Center. The name Atatürk stands on all the signs and is referred to as the 'Atatürk Cultural Center'. The word 'Cultural Center' is included in a direction sign that has been standing only for a long time. In this sign, the word Tandogan, whose name was previously changed to 'Anadolu Meydani', exists because it used to be.
To exhibit such an event as 'hostility to Atatürk' is the common disrespect of the Turkish nation against Atatürk ”.

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