Ankara-Irmak-Ankara railway line closes due to road works

Ankara-Irmak-Ankara railway line closes due to road works: 18.06.2016 closes due to road works between Ankara-Irmak-Ankara. Within the scope of Başkentray project, Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Suburban Line will be closed on the same date. 18.04.2017 Ankara-Kayaş Line will be operated as a single line. As of 1.06.2016 Date:

Izmir Blue Express No. 21320/31319 will be operated on 18.06.2016 between Alsancak-Eskişehir-Alsancak. The high speed train between Eskişehir and Ankara and the 22:30 High Speed ​​Train operating between Eskişehir and Ankara will be provided with the High Speed ​​Train departing from Eskisehir at 19:00 and from Alsancak at 20:45.

The current organization structure and orer hours of the Eastern Express 11410 / 41409 and Irmak-Kars-Irmak,

The existing organization structure and orer hours of Çukurova Express with the number 21206 / 61205 are between Irmak-Kars-Irmak,

21124 September Blue Express No. 51123/4 will be canceled between Ankara-Malatya-Ankara. 4 Coach and 4 dining car in the 1 September Blue Express Organization will be added to the South / Vangölü Express in Malatya.

South / Vangölü Expresses will be operated between the current orer hours and Irmak-Tatvan / Kurtalan-Irmak.
South / Vangölü Express Organization;
1 DJ generator wagon - Kurtalan / Tatvan-River
4 WSPLM Pulman River-Malatya-Irmak
1 WR Meal River-Malatya-River
3 WSPLM Pulman River-Kurtalan / Tatvan-River
1 WLAM Bed with River-Kurtalan / Tatvan-Irmak

30 min for the mentioned wagons to be added in Malatya. maneuver time will be given.

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