Alsancak Station Traffic Remedies

Alsancak Station Traffic Remedy: Izmir's Alsancak district located in the Gar Street of Ataturk Street for traffic congestion occurred in the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir rolled up.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality located in the district of Alsancak Garrett. He cited specifically in Alsancak received the necessary permits to work to solve the congestion in front of the station Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) to the announced changes will be made of the wall. A modification of the said wall revealed that an arrangement area of ​​100 would be revealed, while a special arrangement on a 50 meter would expand the 2.5 meter to a double lane.

Izmir Alsancak Atatürk Avenue has been experiencing traffic for a long time. In order to realize the planned regulation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which took the necessary steps to obtain the necessary permissions after it was seen that the permission of the Cultural Heritage Protection Council and TCDD was required, began to work immediately after the issuance of the permits.

According to the protocol of 2000 which was made between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, rent amount of 250 thousand TL has been paid for the region which is located on Atatürk Street Vahap Özaltay Square and extending to Sait Altınordu Square. Due to the new arrangement to be made, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will sign an additional protocol with TCDD.

Especially in the direction of Alsancak from the direction of Konak will take place on the road in the direction of Alsancak Railway Station in front of the single lane will be increased to double lane. Thus, the traffic flow is expected to be protected by protecting the double lane along Atatürk Street. Vehicle owners who use Talatpaşa and Ziya Gökalp boulevards, especially Poet Eşref, follow the Vahap Özaltay Square and visit Alsancak or Karşıyaka they will have the opportunity to continue their way in the double lane. While there is no explanation about when the works will be finished, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has officially announced that the works have started.

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