600 meters of rail laid in Akçaray

600 meters of rail was laid in Akçaray: In Kocaeli tram line works, 600 meters of rail were installed on arrival and departure.

In order to provide comfortable and fast transportation of citizens within the city center, tramway works are being carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Up to now, 600 meters have been completed in two ways.

Rail manufacturing is carried out meticulously in the tram line works of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality that will bring an era to urban transportation. In this context, 600 meters of rails have been manufactured in both directions so far. In the production of gradually made rails, 2 meters of rails can be laid in both directions in 25 days. In the rail production works reaching 600 meters, the assembly phase was also started. The rails, which are adapted to the ground, are welded from the joining points. Welding operations are started after certain stages are completed.

Before the production of rail production, concrete is poured into 7 centimeters. A concrete production with an 28 centimeter is added to the first concrete, where the steel and iron mixture is made of double rows. If the production is above the 35 meter concrete production, Akçaray connection elements are installed.

In total, the 46 is calculated to the smallest detail in order to reduce the margin of error in the operations where the rail fastener is to be mounted. After the assembly process, the asphalt is poured into the 15 centimeter between the rails. Finally, the asphalt casting process is done. All these steps can be laid on the 2 25 meter rail a day in the tram line laying work.



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