Akçaray shape

Akçaray took shape: In the tram project that will work mutually on the 7.2-kilometer line between Yahya Kaptan and Sekapark, the rails were recently laid. The production phase of 2.65 tram cars, 32 meters wide and 12 meters long, continues at the factory in Bursa. The technical personnel of the Department of Transportation Department of Rail Systems visit the production site periodically and follow the process in wagon manufacturing. Within the scope of the works, the production planning was made by the contractor firm so that the first of the 2015-module tram vehicles, which started to be produced in September 5, will be delivered in October 2016. Currently, the body frame of the first module has been roofed and its welding continues. The cutting, sandblasting and welding groove operations of the first bogie parts have been completed and welding works have started. The body parts of the other 4 modules of the first vehicle were cut and made ready for welding.



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