Final of the Football Tournament organized by MOTAŞ (Photo Gallery)

The Final of the Football Tournament Organized by MOTAŞ Has Been Held :Tamgacı: “Brotherhood in the tournament kazanhe lost his stress” Organized by MOTAŞ '2. The final of the Inter-Unit Football Tournament was held.

In order to ensure the morale and motivation of the staff and to improve the communication between them, the employees of the workshop met with the employees of the external business. Teams in the match draws penalties determined as a result. The external operation, held last year '1. Take the leadership from the workshop team, which is the winner of the Inter-Unit Football Tournament '2. He was the winner of the Inter-Unit Football Tournament.

MOTO General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgaci who followed the final meeting to the end, congratulated the teams and gave their medals and trophies and emphasized the importance of sports.

Tamgacı, sports to the brain with biological and psychological effects of the mental health of the qualifying by specifying that; Tedir sports ensure interaction and communication among people and improve cooperation. Sport increases one's body and self-care, self-worth and self-esteem.

”Improves the Quality of Sports Life“

In the 2005, the World Health Organization has put mental health as a preventive measure and recommends that every day 30 is done every day. We are organizing such activities in order to encourage our employees to sport, to take them out of a monotonous life and to bring them together to come together outside the business environment.
We know that the quality of life of the person engaged in sports, physical performance also develops.

Sport, a strong body, creates a strong spiritual balance, self-confidence increases. The more you strengthen your body form, the more you develop yourself physically, the more you extend your time to stress. U

Tamgacı said, “The intensity and stressful process experienced in business life affects both the mental and physical order incredibly,” and continued with the following expressions: “A monotonous life, routine movements and the tension that follows will negatively affect daily life. In this case, it becomes difficult for us to get the desired efficiency from the employees. This is a social reality that cannot be ignored in every working society. We organize such organizations in order to minimize this and alleviate the psychological situation on the employee. In every activity we organize kazanWe see/feel that the moment is brotherhood and friendship, and the loser is stress and fatigue.

Our business is public transportation, our employees stressed and tired, we will continue to organize these and similar activities, ım he said.

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