Regional Risk Analysis Works Under the Coordination of EYS Directorate

Regional Risk Analysis Works are conducted under the coordination of IMS Directorate: TCDD 3. A tour is being organized to update the existing danger log under the coordination of Regional Directorate of IMS.

TCDD 3. Tour of 03-19.05.2016 is organized with the participation of field experts in Road, Traction, Passenger, Load, Personnel, Training, Facilities and Traffic services and members of the Regional Operational Safety Committee under the coordination of Regional IMS Directorate in order to update the existing danger log in the Regional Directorate and to analyze the emerging risks.

Risk assessment; to identify the hazards, identify and analyze risks, define risk control measures, update the work done and renewal when necessary, starting from the design or foundation stage to receive the entire system of railway traffic.

In the risk assessment using the risk matrix, measures and controls to reduce the severity and / or frequency of hazards in the unacceptable risk category are developed, and the risk logs are created to be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level and recorded.



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