Black Sea Railway Requests

Black Sea Railway: Black Sea Region will play an important role in the development of the railway line from the beginning of the Black Sea region of the provinces were united.

From Samsun to Sarp, Trabzon for the railway line and all NGOs in the region want the project from the President Erdoğan to be realized. Equipped with iron networks all around the country and close to the high-speed train lines, the AK Party Government wants the Samsun Sarp Railway line to be implemented, which will play an important role in the development and development of the Black Sea Region.

We have to prepare for the transportation of railway which will provide the cheapest transportation opportunity for transportation of top and many other such investments planned in Rize with the completion of the Ovit Tunnel. Commenting on the issue, Rize City Council Board member, Hamit Turna said that he expects support and clarification about the railway from all non-governmental organization officials in Rize, political party officials, presidential candidates and all those who ration.



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