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9 have them with BRT for years: 1072 driver, 505 vehicle, 6 expedition 800 expedition and 860 thousand passengers per day. Every day around the world around the 4 times to the drivers who have traveled a long time with the Metrobus 9 year we asked.

Metrobus was our 9 year. Until now, everything from passenger complaints to large crowds in the stations and vehicle breakdowns, everything in the Metrobus line has kept the agenda busy. Despite all the controversy, metrobus went on its way every day. Thousand 72 drivers, 505 metrobus 52 kilometers or even 7 day 24 time shuttle weaving. 6 a thousand 800 expeditions in one day. The average number of passengers per day 860 thousand passengers are going. 44 is one thousand kilometers between 170 stops. Total performance, 40 bin 75 mile circumference of the world every day to say four times to return. No matter what the person said, we asked the drivers who are the real heroes of the story.

Driver Taner Yiğit (41): A salute, the smiling face shown is enough to make us happy. As the European side is a bit more complicated, the passenger profile is also different. There are those running after the Metrobus, holding the doors, there are those who disturb the passengers.
Driver Nadi Bayram (40): 6 I've been on the metrobus line for years. Metrobüste work privilege. We serve hundreds of thousands of people every day. We are happy to work here. Even if the passenger density is high, there is no traffic shortage.

Edirnekapı Garage Manager Arif Özkan: We take the x-ray of each vehicle and then send it to the traffic. There is no case of improper vehicles. No one worries, I ride safely with my family. The people of Istanbul are also confident.

Metrobüs Managing Director Arif Duran: We carry 310 million passengers annually. All of our drivers are from IETT. Experienced, uninvolved, performance good friends.

The trainers are given trainings such as anger control, safe driving, empathy with the disabled and first aid. We started to provide bomb security training to our drivers due to increased bomb attacks and suspicious packages forgotten on the metrobus line. With 276 cameras, we record everything in the metrobus. 90.1 percent of our passengers think that the metrobus makes their lives easier.

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