5th National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress to be Held in Mersin

📩 09/12/2018 18:07

  1. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress will be held in Mersin: Mersin will host the 5th National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress. It will be an important opportunity for the promotion of Mersin and will be held on 26-28 May 2016, at the congress, where approximately 400 participants will participate, 40 academicians from 150 universities will present 90 papers.

With the slogan D The Heart of Logistics is in Mersin erne is organized by the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO), Mersin Chamber of Shipping (MDTO), Toros University and Logistics Association (LODER). The presentation of the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress was held at a press conference held at Divan Hotel. Chairman of the Board of Directors of MTSO, Şerafettin Aşut, MDTO Chairman Cihat Lokmanoğlu and Toros University Rector. Dr. Yüksel Özdemir joined.

Rector of Toros University Dr. Ozdemir, in his speech at the meeting, Mersin by performing some railways and airlines in the coming years in Turkey, said that Turkey would be the most important logistics center. In this sense, Özdemir emphasized that the most suitable place for this congress is Mersin, and he underlined that MTSO and MDTO presidents have been making great efforts for being the logistics center of Mersin.
Logistics congress held across Turkey voicing the loader Ozdemir, Mersin xnumx'inci congress will be held in Mersin Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin International Port Management Inc. (MIP), Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA), TÜBİTAK, Mersin University, Çağ University and Tarsus Municipality also said it would support. Stating that logistics is an important issue of Mersin Ozdemir, within this framework, said they will spend effort for Mersin. In the congress, the 5 paper will be presented. Özdemir said: X A lot of applications were received in the meaning of the paper, but the paper of the paper was selected from the 90 paper. The theme of the congress is 'Mixed masonry and logistics in the Eastern Mediterranean'. 90 will attend 40 from the university. There will be meetings in the 150 separate hall for two days. On the last day, a technical trip to Tarsus will be organized. Son

President of MTSO Asut LODER, Mersin and Mersin will be determined by revealing the differences of the Congress, completely to work on the needs of the business world, said he tried. Emphasizing that they will bring together representatives of the logistics sector with academicians who will present papers on the problems and solution proposals, Aşut emphasized that the benefit of the benefit will emerge. Stating that Mersin is an important logistics center of the Eastern Mediterranean, Aşut said ut Although we are not logistics center, we are the logistics center of Mersin. This is how the world sees it. An important point where all modes of transport intersect is Mersin. When Çukurova Airport ends, it will be in the next period. The only point where airway, railway, highway and sea way intersect is Mersin. We are considering Mersin as the most natural logistics center in the Eastern Mediterranean. Doğu

Expressing that the outputs of this project are very important for Mersin, Aşut stated that they would like to benefit from the presentations and suggestions for the problems experienced in the national and international logistics with the presentations to be held in the congress. Acak Academicians and company representatives will have the chance to talk one to one. The private sector will find itself here. Perhaps the academics will not see what they will transfer to private sector academics, "said Asut, a significant output of the congress will be congress tourism, he said. As part of the congress, 400 will host 3 participants in Mersin during the day and will show the city's differences. He added that this would be an important opportunity for the promotion of Mersin.

President MDTO attention is very important for Logistics in Mersin Lokmanoğlu in Istanbul in Turkey, and that place will be 3 grain logistics center, including Mersin, but said it was a much more important position than the other two cities of Mersin. Lokmanoğlu said, pot İzmir is export-oriented and does not have much potential. There's a zone where he serves. There is a region where Istanbul serves. And we have Mersin. When we consider İskenderun and Mersin together, when we look at the location of Mersin, there is import, export and transit freight with neighbors. Our service area is more than both Izmir and Istanbul. Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions are always benefiting from these ports. Logistics is not a single port. We have the Free Zone, the port, the airport is being built. There are many parts of Turkey's free zones and ports. There are free zones on the Black Sea coast. Even in Ankara there is a free zone. But the 2-3 has a smooth running free zone. These are Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir. So this is the right point of view. We are doing a lot of things here, and although nobody helps us, Mersin is a logistics center. Because our base is solid. So we have to go over this. For years, we have been working hard, hopefully we will achieve our purpose. In this respect, this congress is very important, because all kinds of information need to do better. This congress will give us more information. Bu

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