3.International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium (13-15 October 2016)

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3.International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium: The third of the Rail Systems Engineering Symposium will be organized by Karabük University Faculty of Engineering. During the symposium, national and international scientific and technological developments in the field of rail systems, production, security, testing and standards etc. Topics will be discussed.

It is envisaged to create a national and international sharing platform by bringing together the scientists, producers, other service providers and the receiving parties in the sector. The papers submitted to be presented at the symposium will be presented and will be published in the Symposium Proceedings Book. At the end of the symposium, the appropriate papers will be published in the journal AND ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ”. During the symposium, ara Hijaz Railway Exhibition fu and ”Wooden Model Exhibition with Rail Systems Ahşap will be open to exhibitors in the foyer area. Rail systems technologies continue to gain considerable importance among today's public transport systems.

The fact that it is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly compared to other transportation methods causes people to prefer rail systems technologies. In parallel with the development of rail systems technologies worldwide, our country also needs to progress in this field and to train qualified manpower (engineers). With this goal in 2011. Karabük University Faculty of Engineering in Systems Engineering in Turkey's first and only Rail has decided to open the Department. The development of rail systems technologies in our country, as well as increasing research cooperation, is possible by creating new discussion platforms. It is envisaged to bring together industrial organizations and public institutions and organizations in this field, to identify problems and to evaluate them in a scientific environment. The symposium opening was attended by Mr. There will be a high level participation including our President, Minister of Transport and TCDD general manager.

3rd International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium ”official website
www.karabuk.edu.t is

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