Giant projects will mark 2016

Giant projects will mark 2016: Some of the "giant projects", the first steps of which were taken by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications within the scope of 2023 targets, will be put into service this year. The Gulf Crossing Bridge, which is described as the “throat of the Gulf of Izmit”, will become the world's largest bridge when it is finished, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect the Asian and European sides with the road tunnel passing under the sea floor, and the Baku-Tbilisi called “Iron Silk Road”. - It is aimed to open the Kars Railway Project at the end of this year.

Works are continuing at full speed in Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project, which is widely known as the Istanbul-Izmir Highway. The project will connect Istanbul to Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Manisa, Kütahya and İzmir. Geography where Turkey will serve the 38 million people who constitute half of the population project, travel time, 1 hour from Istanbul to Bursa, Izmir 3 hours, 2,5 hours to Eskişehir. Transportation to the South Aegean region and Antalya will be shorter. The 433-kilometer Altınova-Gemlik section of the project, which is 40 kilometers long, was put into service.

Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which constitutes the most important part of the highway, is in the 550th rank among the largest middle span suspension bridges in the world, with its 2 meter middle span and 682 meter length. The last deck on the bridge was placed on April 4 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım. The suspension bridge connecting Izmit Dilovasi and Yalova Altinova consists of 21 decks. Once the bridge is in service, the distance between the two points can be reached in 113 minutes.

The suspension bridge called Osman Gazi is planned to be opened to traffic at the end of May after the construction of the superstructure.


Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was built in the Bosphorus as part of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, will become the largest bridge in the world when it is finished.

The bridge on the 3-kilometer-long Odayeri-Paşaköy section, which has an investment cost of 120 billion dollars, will have a total of 4 lanes in the middle of the road and 2 highway lanes in the direction of departure and arrival, and 10 railway lanes in the middle. The bridge will be the first in the world because the rail pass system is on the same deck. While the bridge, which is 59 meters wide and 322 meters tall, will break a record in this regard, the bridge will gain the title of “the longest suspension bridge in the world with a rail system”, with a total length of 408 thousand 2 meters and this feature.

Reduction of transit traffic load in Istanbul, access to urban traffic without access to vehicles, high standard, uninterrupted, safe and comfortable way to save time by ensuring the transit of transit, with other modes of transport to ensure the integration of Istanbul city traffic to reduce the intensity of heavy traffic, envisions the elimination of air pollution and environmental problems caused by. It is planned to prevent the economic loss of 1 billion 450 million dollars annually 335 billion 1 million dollars energy and 785 million dollars labor loss.

The bridge is planned to open on August 120, along with the 26-kilometer-long highway and connecting roads.


The tender was held on May 169 for the 88-kilometer-long Kurtköy-Akyazı and 4-kilometer-long Kınalı-Odayeri sections, which are the continuation of the Northern Marmara Highway Project, which also includes the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. A total of 2018 kilometers of highways will be completed by the end of 257, and the Northern Marmara Motorway will be put into service.

Following the conclusion of the tenders within the framework of the BOT model, construction costs of the roads to be constructed will belong to the firms that will undertake the work.

The Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Bosphorus Highway Tube Crossing), which is considered as a "vision project" by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is expected to be opened at the end of this year.

The tunnel, which is one of the best engineering projects in the world, will connect the Asian and European continents with tube passage and will be the deepest tunnel in the world under the sea. 14.6 3,4 kilometers of the total length of the project, while the last part of the sea was determined as 800. Thousands of 560 people are employed, the region will have an annual contribution to the region 100 million pounds. The project, which will bring about 82 million liras per year to the state coffers, will reduce the amount of 38 thousand tons emission, XNUMX will provide a million liters of fuel savings.


At the airport, built on an area of ​​76,5 million square meters on the Black Sea coastline between Yeniköy and Akpınar settlements on the European side of Istanbul, the accelerating works will be further accelerated by the end of last year. Istanbul's strategic importance will carry much difference from the project, owns the largest project of its kind carried out in Turkey.

When the construction is completed, the airport will be the largest in the world and will serve the countries in the region as a transfer center. The first stage of 2018 is 3, which is expected to open in February. With the launch of the airport, direct employment will be provided to 120 thousand people annually.


Financial proposals were received within the scope of the tender for the survey, project and engineering services held last year as the first step in the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments.

Within the scope of the study, project and engineering services, the project price of which is determined as 35 million lira and 7 million 500 thousand lira is allocated for this year, the ground data will be determined by deep drilling works on land and sea. Engineering projects are planned to be completed within 1 year after the tender process. In the tunnel that will pass under the Bosphorus, there will be both road and rail in one tube. The tunnel, the middle, the arrival and departure, the railway, and the two-lane road suitable for the passage of a vehicle with a tire wheel at the top and bottom will be built.

One leg of the project, which will be the first in the world with its size and scope, is from the high-capacity and fast metro system starting from Incirli on the European Side of the E-5 axis and passing through the Bosphorus to the Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side, and the second leg is the European Side. It will consist of a high-capacity and high-speed metro system starting from Hasdal Junction on the TEM Highway axis and passing through the Bosphorus to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side, and a 2 × 2 lane highway system connecting to Çamlık Junction.

The tunnel will be integrated with TEM Highway, E-9 Highway and Northern Marmara Highway with 5 metro lines. With the introduction of the tunnel, which is planned to be completed within 5 years after the construction with the BOT model, it will be reached from Incirli on the European Side, and Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side in about 31 minutes by fast metro, which will consist of 14 stations with a length of 40 kilometers.

It will take approximately 14 minutes by road from Hasdal Junction on the European Side to Çamlık Junction on the Anatolian Side. 6,5 million passengers are expected to benefit from the line daily.


The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project, also known as the “Iron Silk Road”, is planned to be opened at the end of this year.

After the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum projects, in the third big project realized by all three countries, 1 million passengers and 6,5 million tons of cargo can be transported when the line is commissioned. In 2034 the project is planned to increase the load carrying capacity of 3 million passengers and 17 million on the line.


When completed Turkey's first and Europe, will be the world's second longest double-tube highway tunnel Ovit Mountain Pass, Erzurum and Rize connects. When the Ovit Tunnel in İkizdere-İspir location is completed, the road will remain open for 12 months and the distance will be shortened by 3,8 kilometers.

The tunnel, which will have 17,3 mile length with connection roads, is expected to contribute to the region economically annually 60 million pounds.


The preparations for the Kanal Istanbul Project, which was announced to the public by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2011 as a “crazy project”, have been completed, and the necessary works for implementation continue.

With the legal arrangement made for the project that will add value to Istanbul, the places in the pasture characteristics of the channel can be used without expropriation fee. In the project to be made with the BOT model, the time will be competed or traffic guaranteed. New attractions will be created around the channel. The preliminary project will be prepared by the Ministry and the implementation project will be prepared by the contractor company.


Another giant project planned to start this year will be the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge.

Feasibility studies have started for the construction of one of the longest suspension bridges in the world in the Dardanelles. The bridge, which is planned to be more than 2 thousand meters between the towers, is expected to outstrip the Akashi Kaikyo Strait Bridge in Kobe Hyogo, Japan, the longest bridge in the world.

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