For the Halkapınar Underground New Storage Facilities Project, the JCC requested the information and documents of the tender from the Municipality

Halkapınar Underground New Storage Facilities Project KIK, which belongs to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Additional Vehicles, asked the Municipality for tender information and documents

Regarding the tender of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Department of Subsidiary and Rail System Investments regarding the construction of Halkapınar Underground New Storage Facilities for the Izmir Hatîf Rail System Additional Vehicles, the JCC asked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for information and documents related to the tender. The authorities we interviewed at this stage. They stated that the necessary documents were sent. As it is known, the case opened by the Image Railway - YTY Construction joint venture for the JCC decision was concluded recently.

According to the outcome of the lawsuit, the Court decided to cancel the part of the KIK decision dated 02.12.2015 and numbered 2015 / UYIIı-3257 related to the second claim and to examine the merits of the applicant's second claim in line with the reasons specified in the said Court decision. On 24 December 2015, a contract was signed with the joint venture of KMB Metro İnşaat - Yapı Sts İnşaat, which won the tender, over 92.722.436 TL.

The tender included the construction of a two-storey underground maintenance and storage facility for the storage of train sets 16.000 m2.



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