The gospel of İZBAN and Konak Bridge from the Governorate

The good news of İZBAN and Konak Bridge from the Governorship: İzmir Governor MustafaToprak warned the managers of the public institutions about ensuring inter-institutional coordination, not delaying projects and reducing bureaucracy. At the Provincial Coordination Board meeting chaired by Toprak, it was announced that the Konak pedestrian overpass will be opened in May and that İZBAN will start non-stop flights between Torbalı and Aliağa for three hours each morning and evening.

İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak held the meetings of the Provincial Coordination Board again open to the press after a long time. In the opening speech of the meeting, Soil asked the administrators of public institutions to reduce bureaucracy and increase citizen satisfaction even more. Stating that they should be careful not to delay projects except for legal problems, Toprak said, “Act quickly in the coordination between institutions. "Problems that can be solved face to face with a phone call are delayed," he said. Stating that there are environmental problems and sensitivity in İzmir, Governor Toprak stated that the pollutants could not be completely eliminated, and the İzmir Bay could not be cleaned as desired because the pollution in the streams flowing into the Gulf could not be prevented. “In order to solve environmental problems, environmental investments such as treatment, waste disposal and recycling must be supported in an integrated manner. All parties are jointly responsible for these matters ”. Governor Toprak announced that there were 2015 projects that started in 2016 and continued in 1066, and 42 of these projects have been completed.


Providing information about the investments at the meeting, Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways, announced that they will open the pedestrian overpass that will solve the problem of pedestrian crossings between Bahribaba Park and Konak Square due to Konak Tunnels in May. Stating that there are 7 protected areas in Konak Region, Uraloğlu said, “The project has changed several times during the process of obtaining the necessary permissions from the Protection Board. We designed a special structure. The foundations are poured. Steel construction is being manufactured. We will complete it in May and put it into service for the people of Izmir ”. Stating that 30 thousand 500 vehicles pass through the Konak tunnels per day and the tunnel will pay for itself in 5-6 years, Uraloğlu stated that the construction of the Sabuncubeli tunnel is ongoing and the goal is to complete at the end of 2017.

DSİ 2nd Regional Director Hayati Çelenk said that they attach importance to stream improvement, but that some problems arise. Stating that the Gediz River passes through private lands and they want to solve it by consolidation method, Çelenk said that there are fruit trees occupying these areas in front of the improvement project in Küçük Menderes. He said that these fruit trees should be removed within the scope of the project, and at this stage they asked for support from the media to get rid of local pressure.


TCDD 3rd Regional Director Murat Bakır gave the good news that they will solve the complaints from the passengers in order to reach Torbalı by transfer from Cumovası on the İZBAN line and to Aliağa from Menemen. Bakır announced that a direct line will operate from Torbalı to Aliağa without transferring in Cumaovası or Menemen for three hours each morning and evening, at the time zones with the busiest passengers within 10-15 days at the latest.

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