Turkey, the country's position as the most inexpensive high-speed train

Turkey, located in the country where the cheapest high-speed train: the latest figures disclosed for the use of high-speed trains in the world, Turkey is the cheapest country reveals the use of high-speed trains. Here are striking figures from the world:

Starting March 13 2009 in Ankara for the first time in Eskisehir in Turkey are the first to use high-speed train services in our country 8 the world. In Europe, the 6. country location. Although it is still on a very limited route, high speed trains will have a very serious potential in Turkey. Because the use of high-speed trains is now at% 7 when compared to the population.

Although the price of high-speed trains operated by TCDD is not much on the agenda, it is especially important for users to pay a high price per km in the regions where the high speed train network is wide. At this point, Go Euro, which serves in Europe in the focus of ticket sales, published a table on ticket prices in the world. The resulting figure by Turkey, which is the cheapest country in the position of high-speed railway with Russia. 0,03 euros as true cost per kilometer high-speed railway in Turkey.

In countries with the highest cost per kilometer, prices are as follows:

USA: 0,45 Euro
Finland: 0,33 Euro
Belgium: 0,31 Euro
China: 0,22 Euro
Japan: 0,2 Euro
Norway: 0,19 Euro
Germany: 0,19 Euro
France: 0,19 Euro
Uzbekistan: 0,18 Euro
Portugal: 0,18 Euro
Austria: 0,18 Euro
Sweden: 0,17 Euro
Italy: 0,15 Euro
South Korea: 0,14 Euro
Netherlands: 0,12 Euro
Taiwan: 0,12 Euro
Spain: 0,12 Euro
Poland: 0,08 Euro
Russia: 0,03 Euro
Turkey: Euro 0,03

Operating speeds are of paramount importance when it comes to high-speed trains. The maximum operating speed in our country is limited by 250km. On the other hand, the maximum speed of trains was 303km. The figures in the world are as follows according to the average operating speed:

China - Record Speed: 501 Operating Speed: 350
Spain - Record Speed: 404 Operating Speed: 320
France - Record Speed: 575 Operating Speed: 320
Germany - Record Speed: 368 Operating Speed: 320
Japan - Record Speed: 603 Operating Speed: 320
Taiwan - Record Speed: 308 Operating Speed: 300
Netherlands - Record Speed: 300 Operating Speed: 300
South Korea - Record Speed: 421 Operating Speed: 300
Italy - Record Speed: 400 Operating Speed: 300
Belgium - Record Speed: 368 Operating Speed: 300
Turkey - Record Speed: Operating Speed ​​303: 250
Russia - Record Speed: 290 Operating Speed: 250
Uzbekistan - Record Speed: 255 Operating Speed: 250
US - Record Speed: 265 Operating Speed: 240
Austria - Record Speed: 275 Operating Speed: 230
Portugal - Record Speed: 237 Operating Speed: 220
Finland - Record Speed: 242 Operating Speed: 220
Norway - Record Speed: 210 Operating Speed: 210
Poland - Record Speed: 291 Operating Speed: 200
Sweden - Record Speed: 303 Operating Speed: 200

In our country, Ankara - Istanbul, Ankara - Konya and Eskişehir - Konya between the high-speed trains will continue to be expanded to a wider geography. Ankara - Izmir, Konya - Gaziantep, Ankara - Sivas - Kars. In addition, the high speed train lines such as the Black Sea - Mediterranean high-speed train line, Antalya - Kayseri line are planned to be completed in line with the 2023 and 2035 targets.

From the map below, you can browse the world's fastest train lines interactively.

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