Thanks to TÜDEMSAŞ, Sivas Becomes New Favorite of Investors


Thanks to TÜDEMSAŞ, Sivas became the new favorite of investors: the world giant Greenbrier executives, who are producing in different sectors in many countries, visited TÜDEMSAŞ to evaluate the business potential in Sivas and to closely monitor the developments in the railways. The executives of the company, who met with TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of Board of Directors Yıldıray Koçarlan, evaluated the business opportunities that could be carried out together and the investments that could be made to Sivas.

Greenbrier CEO Charles J. Swindells, Board Members Thomas Müller and Willian A. Furmani, Greenbrier's Middle East responsible Gary Griffiths, Jim Beall of Summit Strategies and Eric P. Luhmann of Amsted Rail Group TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager They came together in the office of Yıldıray Koçarslan. Yildiray Koçarsl investments in the company since the year 2002 managers of the railways and Turkey informed about future goals.

Should the renewal of freight cars in Turkey and emphasized that in this regard a high business potential that our country Koçarsl "Last year 10, 4 in the wagon manufacture and repair of nearly a half billion euros in Turkey are expecting a market. In other countries except Turkey, the freight car sector in Europe has a market forecast the next 10 years 10 billion dollars. International research shows this. Alternative markets; As long as it is for the Middle East and Europe markets, as long as we are investing in our region, it will be clear to us. Ortad

TUYEMASAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan emphasized that Sivas is the most suitable city to invest in railways, and since the people of this region did not invest before, they migrated to big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. they said they worked.

Greenbrier company Chairman Ambassador Charles J. Swindells found that investments in many countries stating that they want to invest in Turkey. Swindells said they will give the final decision after necessary consultations and examinations, "We, as we think it is an important geographical location of Turkey. The whole world knows that; railway transport is a clean transportation. It is a sector that connects people and develops industry. We are well aware of this already. That's why we want to come to Turkey in order to support the end. "He said.

After the interviews, Greenbrier company managers visited TAFEMSAŞ General Manager Yildirim Koçarslan, Vagon Production and Repair factories, re-modernized material stock areas, factory areas, production lines, quality control laboratory, Resource Education and Technologies Center and R & D unit.

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