Train Library Was The Focus Of The Little Girls

Train Library became the center of attention of the minors: The train library, which was prepared to bring the habit of reading to the children of Çankırı Municipality and to recover from the negative effects of the digital age, became the focus of attention of children.

Train Library, which was commissioned recently by Çankırı Municipality, began to host its visitors. The municipal authorities, who evaluate the demands from the schools, will bring together the students from different schools and class groups to the Train Library.

125 at the first event organized. Year Kindergarten students came to the Train Library. Within the scope of the 40 event, students were told by their teachers. Listening the stories with their ears, they also enjoyed the train and the train.

The Mayor of Çankırı, İrfan Dinç, who accompanied the children during the train library visits sohbet did. President Dinç, who is closely interested in the little students, stated that the children are not indifferent to the services they have done and expressed his happiness for the students welcoming the Train Library with interest.

Emphasizing that smiles on children's faces mean more than anything else, İrfan Dinç said, “We can understand from those warm smiles on the faces of our pups how good the services we provide are. Everything done for them is at the top of all services. No matter how much we take responsibility for our future elders, our offspring; tomorrow will be so hopeful and bright. With our library projects, we aim to make our children gain the habit of reading and save them from the traps of the digital revolution age. We have aircraft and ship libraries next. Together, we will carry our Çankır further towards becoming a city of libraries ”.

The little ones who were on the train designed for themselves and enjoyed the stories they read, took photographs with President Dinç and revealed their love for Dinç. Little ones who expressed their appreciation for the Mayor expressed their gratitude to President Dinç.

Dinç said he was very happy when he met with the children and added that hopeful looks in the children's eyes gave him peace.



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