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As if Trambus Marketing Element: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality project as a project, preference, tender, adequacy, suitability, manufacturing phase, testing phase, operation, manufacturing company with all the possibilities to offer marketing contributions in terms of all the controversy, an old batch of use In the face of the criticism of the transport system, the “Trambüs ilgili, which is called ığ Trambüs ilgili, and the b Troleybüs iz, which is said to be the ığ Troleybüs en, is being continued. Tamgac general manager of the motas, 30-35 years ago, today's version of the trolleybus removed from the TRAMBUS time in Istanbul, which was also claimed that there is a system used for the first time in Turkey. According to Tamgacı, the pink or purple trambus is waiting for the tr Chairman's decision da.

MOTAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgaci, trambus has been in service for a year, "both in terms of business performance and savings in terms of savings, I can easily say that our goals," he said.

Tamgacı gave information about the activities of MOTAŞ and public transportation in Malatya. Drawing attention to the increasing use of public transportation in Malatya together with the increasing population, he said, dikkat Of course it is our duty to respond quickly and on time. Based on the requests and demands, we launched the 20 vehicle that will work in the city center. 15 On Friday April we will have the tender at our head office at 14.00. Our aim is to provide a better service for the passengers. It is our main goal to increase satisfaction by running these vehicles in places where passenger demand is high. Yolcu


Tamgacı, 20 vehicle within the framework of the transformation project will be announced in the tender.

Tamgacı, who gave information about the routes of the vehicles to be auctioned, will be working on the 29 route, which we called the city center, so they will not work on a fixed line. The tools to work will be done by our plan and guided by our friends. One day in Çöşnük, there after the work is finished in TOKI, the next day Çilesiz'de, then will work on a different route determined.


Trambus, 1 since April in Malatya, which is used for a bit of attention since Tamgaci, trambüste said they exceeded their targets.

Ler Trambuses have saved more than 75 by diesel vehicles, dizel said Tamgaci, who explained how the Trambucus had met the savings and expectations. When evaluating Trambus, we have to evaluate in a few ways, not only in terms of saving, but also in reducing the damage to the environment. Our priority was to establish an environmentally friendly system, and in this sense, we prevented the carbon dioxide emission of nearly one thousand vehicles. We are pleased with the performance of the Trambus, and from time to time, we are conducting surveys and passing on dialogue with our citizens and increasing customer satisfaction every day. From time to time we use buses on the same route. Although it is more empty people prefer bus rather than bus. I can easily say that it exceeds our targets both in terms of business performance and savings. Hem


Tamgacı, a new metropolitan city to receive information about public transport work to visit Malatya said that they came.

place in Malatya in Turkey in general and public transport in the comments about the contribution you trambü motas Tamgac the Director General, "TRAMBUS a system used for the first time in Turkey. 25 has been used with a more modern and technological system after years. This changed the way people view Malatya. Being first is important. Everyone's ability to make decisions is not enough. In this sense, I would like to thank Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır. The new metropolitan cities examine us, from time to time they come to visit. Yeni


Tamgacı added that they met approximately 50-60 of Malatya's passenger transport potential. UM There are two transporters in Malatya; When we look at them, one of them is MOTAŞ and the other is private vans. We are over 50. In other metropolitan cities this figure is in 20-30. I think that a municipality company has reached these figures and that we are good at our kindness towards the citizen and that it is an indicator of our good work. Bir


Tambaci also touched upon the new future trambles and especially the 'Pink Trambus' which aroused great demand in social media. Amb We have reached the last stage of the new trambus. Hopefully the president will make a final statement of this at a recent date. As for pink trambus or purple trambus, we follow the demands of social media. And if the president decides, we can prepare for the infrastructure, we can fit at any time. We do not have any problems on this issue are standing, uz he said.

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