The train tracks themselves (Video)

As if the train tracks themselves: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Zonguldak Province President Hamdi Ayan, "Irmak-Karabuk-Zonguldak Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signaling Project Zonguldak-Karabuk Section" Zonguldak came to the opening of the evaluation.

Provincial President Ayan stating they exaggerated the opening of the train track, kendileri As if they had set up the train tracks themselves, they used to put such a thing in the air. In Zonguldak, I expect more stable, more serious things to be done. Z

Minister Binali Yildirim on Filyos, "Filyos Port Project finally came to the happy end. We start the construction of the port, the employment will increase lam to the explanations,, We listened to them a lot. Is the Filyos Project so difficult? They want to create a full political agenda. Tamamen


Ayan said about the opening program:

, The arrival of the Minister of Transport in Zonguldak was beautiful in terms of seeing the roads, tunnels and viaducts that never ceased to exist. At least they have informed them that things are down. 'We have pierced the mountains' he used a phrase, that rhetoric came to Zonguldak when it decayed. We were looking for State Railways officials, thank you. However, there was no invitation from the AKP provincial chairman. There is no need to enlarge these works so much, Ankara-Zonguldak, Zonguldak-Karabuk has been for years. When they weren't in power, there was a train called the blue train. They had a restaurant and a TV. here it began the accelerated trains fast trains begin all over Turkey. They have a kind of rambling with Zonguldak. these people are coming here to play steel rods. It has been important that the trains run from Karabük to Zonguldak have become important, but this is not a new thing, as if they had set up the railroad tracks themselves, they put them in the air like there was no such thing. I expect more serious things to be done in Zonguldak. Ong


Ayan criticized the Minister Yildirim's statement on the Filyos Port Project, saying: eleştir There has been no progress in the 14 project regarding the Filyos Project. When political elders go with one, they take notes about that province. 'Citizens of a question, no speculation,' he do so. They promise like they're going to be a development. We listened to them a lot. Is the Filyos Project so difficult? They want to create a full political agenda. He came to Zonguldak, said something he said, we have seen a lot of these ministers. The Minister of Labor at the beginning of the Christmas Minister said a lot of things, what was the result, zero. I don't care about them coming to Zonguldak any more. The same tales rest a lot, Aynı he said.


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