Kars Logistics Center to Auction in July

Kars Logistics Center to Quit the tender in July: Director General of the Republic of Turkey State Railways İsa ApaydınIn Kars, where he came for investigations, he made observations in the field where Kars Logistics Center will be established.

AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, Provincial Chairman Adem Çalkın and Provincial General Assembly President Necati Dallı Apaydın completed the investigation in the region, Kars Logistics Center, said the application and itinerary projects are about to be completed.

General Manager Apaydın gave the good news that the Logistics Center's road tender will be held next June and the center's construction tender will be held in July. Explaining that the center, where 500 people will be employed when it is put into service, will have an area of ​​300 thousand square meters and a capacity of 412 thousand tons, Apaydın also stated that a 6-kilometer interconnection line will be built between the existing Kars - Erzurum Railway and the center.

Explaining that the Logistics Center, which will be established between the Cement Factory road and the Organized Industrial Zone on Paşaçayır Road, has been designed in a way suitable for expansion with the development of Kars' industry, Apaydın said that the center will be located in our city. kazanHe said that Kars Deputy Ahmet Arslan also made significant contributions to the investment and project stages. Apaydın also said: “We, as the State Railways, have prepared our projects with the support of our Ministry of Transport. It is currently under completion. I hope it will be a good service to our Kars.”


General Director of State Railways İsa ApaydınAK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan in the statement, then, in terms of international transport corridors, the position of our country is important, he said. In order to exploit this geopolitical position of our country in Turkey have also all over, air and highways as in all sectors Arslan said also that the implementation of many projects: "With this project, Kars on the eastern tip of the country, Logistics Centers, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad, Kars, Iğdır, Crowned by the Nakhichevan road. We are grateful to our President Recep Tayip Erdoğan, our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Minister Binali Yıldırım for his efforts for the realization of these projects. "said.


General Director of State Railways İsa ApaydınArslan stating that he has not yet taken office, he said that he and 10 have worked together in the past, and that Kars will benefit from his experience and knowledge.

Arslan also stated that he will support the support of Apaydın at the point of the continuation of these projects and the completion of the projects in advance. İsa ApaydınAfter working as the general manager, he made his first visit to Kars with the dust of his feet. Logistics Center's projects for the first time shared with us. About 10 years, we have been working as a friend. The General Manager was the Director of Transportation while he was working as the Deputy Director General. We thank them for contributing to shaping their projects in Kars. Because it takes some time for a new general manager to go through a project. But we don't have a problem. Because Mr. Apaydın knows and treats all three projects as much as we do. Because he was in it for years. I hope that we will benefit from these experiences of our General Manager and their interest in Kars. The good news that our General Manager gave us today was very important. Because until this time we did not finish the application projects of the Logistics Center was always talking round. After that, we will follow the work and we will see the logistics center contribute to the economy and employment of Kars and our country as soon as possible. With the Logistics Center, there will be a connection line to the Kars Railway 6 Kilometers long and east-west. It will also be the way to connect to the Kars Cement Factory. Because there is a load transfer that is important from our cement plant. The important thing is that the industry of our region benefits from this. "said.

What will happen in the organization of KARS LOGISTICS CENTER?

On the other hand, General Director of State Railways İsa ApaydınThe content of the Kars Logistics Center, which will be established, is as follows:

When the Kars Logistics Center is completed, approximately 500 will provide employment. There will be warehouses of various sizes, land and railway connected warehouses, container loading and unloading and stock areas, bulk cargo areas, maintenance and washing facilities. In addition, gas stations, social and administrative facilities, maintenance, repair and demolition facilities, customs service buildings, social and administrative facilities, customer offices, personnel offices and social facilities, truck park, banks, restaurants, hotels, kiosks, communication and transmission center Acceptance and dispatch routes will also be established.

In addition to these, the center includes 2 loading-unloading ramp tracks, 1 head ramp road, 1 current line, 3 loading - unloading and gare tracks, 1 automatic unloading track, 7 train organization, maneuver and dispatch road, 1 dangerous substance. The unloading road will include 1 crane road, 10 loco-wagon-road maintenance workshop roads, 1 weighbridge road and 1 rotating bridge.

In the open areas of the center, ramp and loading-unloading areas, loading-unloading ramp and head ramp, loading-unloading and stocking area, dangerous unloading area, automatic unloading facility area, as well as container area, truck parking areas and bonded area, also in closed areas, Logistics Directorate service building with 2-storey car park, social facilities, traffic, other facilities, administrative buildings, loko and wagon maintenance and repair workshop will be located.

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